What can we do about local plastic bag problem?

October 14, 2017


I am writing to you to express a concern I have about plastic bags.

Over recent years I have been hearing news items on how plastic rubbish is finding its way into the oceans of the world, and is causing problems with marine life.

This has the potential to be a huge problem in our food chain if left unchecked.

Recently, Zara Lindeman, a high school student, contacted me asking for information on how the council deals with rubbish.

She is doing a project on rubbish and had done a grid pattern survey of rubbish on the ground behind the Deniliquin tip.

Of the rubbish on the ground, 58 per cent was plastic bags.

The next dominant item was polystyrene packaging and containers, at 18 per cent.

Plastic bags are easily blown over fences by the wind.

As a community, I think we need to start thinking about an alternative to plastic bags.

Supermarkets have been offering reusable green bags as an option. This is a good start , but you do have to train yourself to keep using them.

Brown paper bags were good years ago, but they are probably too expensive to use now.

I would be interested to hear if readers have any suggestions on this problem.

Email me at andrewhowley@bigpond.com, or write to the Pastoral Times if you would like to stimulate other people’s thinking.

Yours etc.

Andrew Howley


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