Boat racing

By Contributor

Never say never and have fun were the words that inspired cousins, 15-year-old Kelsie Dempster and 12-year-old Tate Williams to come first and second at the J3 Powerboat titles at Taree recently.

Kelsie who is in only her second year of racing, was like a clock, consistent and it paid off.

The daughter of former local Rhonda Smith, Kelsie defied the odds competing against a strong field with top competitors from Queensland, New South Wales and surrounds.

Expectations beforehand were a possible podium finish which would have been good however Kelsie and Tate had other ideas.

Tate Williamson, son of Glenn and Tracey Smith served it up in no uncertain terms.

At presentation when the names were read out there was an electricity with everybody yelling and screaming as they received their trophies. 

It was the first time for their club, the Victorian SpeedBoat Club.

Congratulations to Kelsie and Tate on such a great effort.