Annabelle at Carr concert

November 11, 2017

Annabelle Lees practising for her performance.

Aspiring young singer Annabelle Lees will be travelling to Hay next week to perform as a support act to 2008 Australian Idol winner Wes Carr.

The Deniliquin High School student says she’s looking forward to the ‘‘chilled vibe’’ of the event.

Annabelle, 15, has been singing for three years and her favourite artist is Alanis Morissette.

‘‘I like Alanis’s laid back attitude and how she just doesn’t care.

‘‘I also like Janis Joplin, Katy Perry and Kurt Cobain.

‘‘My sound is very chilled but it can also be very rock.’’

While Annabelle will be performing solo at the Wes Carr event, she also plays in a local band called Nova.

Annabelle and her band mates have been lucky enough to perform at the Ute Muster and various competitions and have been a support act for Tek Tek.

‘‘I think the favourite event where we performed was a competition with a big stage and gate around the venue. We where placed second, which was a good result.’’

Annabelle said she always takes what opportunities she can to talk to professional singers.

‘‘I try and ask advice from professionals on how to get into the music industry.

‘‘My ultimate dream is to become a professional singer.

‘‘I practice every day,’’ she said.

Annabelle will be performing from 6.15 until 7pm at The Bishops Lodge in Hay on November 17.

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