$1500 fine after man breaches FV orders

By Riverine Herald

A FATHER who contravened a family violence intervention order by calling his ex wife 58 times and his son 19 times has been fined $1500.

The man appeared in Echuca Magistrates Court on Tuesday to plead guilty despite telling the court he had gotten misinformation from a local police officer.

Police prosecutor acting Sergeant Sally Mannell said between January 5 and 24 the man made the 77 calls to the protected family members.

‘‘On September 12, 2017 at the Echuca Magistrates Court a family violence intervention order was made against the accused protecting his former partner and son until 2021,’’ she said.

‘‘On January 16, 2018 the accused attended the home of the protected persons in Rochester.

‘‘The victim witnessed him placing groceries inside the front door of the home and connecting a trailer to his car.

‘‘He then asked the victim for some money before urinating on the front yard and leaving his car there.’’

The man was spoken to by police who made a no comment interview.

The father told the court he was told the wrong information by a police member.

‘‘I am getting railroaded here,’’ he said.

‘‘There are a lot of discrepancies here.’’

The man kept interrupting Magistrate Dr Michael King in court.

‘‘I am dealing with your criminal charges at the moment of contravening the intervention order,’’ Dr King said.

‘‘You will end up in prison if you keep ignoring the order.’’

He was convicted and fined.