Not as many play red light roulette here

By Ivy Jensen

FEWER people are breaking the law at Echuca’s only red light and speeding camera.

But incredibly 5 per cent of those who are doing the wrong thing are repeat offenders.

In the three-month period between July and September last year, the fixed camera, located at the traffic lights on the intersection of High St and Ogilvie Ave, raked in a hefty $30,694 from 89 offences.

Which is a 30 per cent drop from the same quarter the previous year, which issued $44,319 in fines from 133 offences.

Fines have also dropped in the past two years, with the camera pulling in $161,339 from 486 offences in 2016-17, compared to $168,176 in fines from 534 offences the previous year.

Of the 486 fines issued from the Echuca intersection in the 2016-17 financial year, 198 were for speeding, 281 for running a red light and seven for motorists driving unregistered vehicles.

And 24 of those were repeat offenders.

An average of 5045 vehicles a day passed through the camera’s range during this time.

Of the 89 fines issued between July and September, 33 were for speeding, 54 for running a red light and two for unregistered vehicles.

About 110,482 vehicles passed the camera between this quarter, averaging 4773 motorists a day, compared to 147,810 in the same period the year before.

A Department of Justice and Regulation spokesperson said the decrease in infringements occurred due to fewer motorists passing the camera, camera downtime and maintenance.

‘‘The data shows us that most people driving past the Echuca camera are doing the right thing by driving safely and sticking to the speed limit,’’ he said.

‘‘Unfortunately, there are still too many drivers who are putting their own lives and the lives of their fellow road users at risk.’’

The camera, managed by the Department of Justice, was installed in 2005.