bella - edition 14

By Riverine Herald

WHEN I WAS a little girl, I thought I had big dreams.

I wanted to live on a property and breed dogs.

One for every letter of the alphabet because when I was seven I had enough dog books that I could name 26 different breeds for the 26 different letters.

Although, to this day I’m not exactly sure what a Zuchon is.

But I knew I would have one when I grew up.

Money? Who needs it, I said. I’ll just write stories about dogs and pet them when I have writer’s block.

Who and what could step in my way?

Apparently not my mother.


While there were a few cat people who tried to block my path, she pulled me aside one day and said: ‘Whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve’.

And I truly, with all my little heart, believed it.

After all, shouldn’t every seven-year-old be able to dream?

The 26 dogs (ok, maybe I can’t remember them all now) popped into my head when I started thinking about Mother’s Day recently.

My mum let me be extravagant in all my strangeness when I was a child. I wore a dog tag with my dog’s name around my neck and every inch of my bedroom wall was covered in posters of dogs. I even had a dog paw print as a signature next to anywhere I signed my name.

And my best friend - bless her - was forced to crawl around with me and play dogs whenever playtime was allowed.

I was strange. But my mum (and my dad) didn’t stand in my way.

They celebrated me and they told me my ‘pie in the sky’ ideas could become a reality.

To this day my mum still tells me I can achieve anything if I want it enough.

Of course, I am not naive enough to think that’s true. I can’t write a novel overnight, play the saxophone with my eyes closed, multiply any number by any number or come up with an algorithm for the news of the future.

But I can bloody well try.

And isn’t that what being a mother is all about? Bringing up children that try their best? That dream bigger than their abilities might allow?

I think so.

And I certainly think these women deserve to be celebrated.

So happy Mother’s Day on May 13 mum, and to all the mums just like you.

I’d be lost without you.

And did I mention I bought a new puppy?

You probably should tell dad because it’s going to have to live at our/your house for a while.

At least until I have enough money to buy that farm.