Whoa, what the hell just happened there?

By Andrew Johnston


It’s a fairly apt description for the current position that the Moama A grade netball side finds itself in.

It took until round 14 last season for the veneer on Moama’s season to take a scratch, with a loss to Tongala.

When the season ended, there was only a draw to damage it further.

But that can’t be said for this year.

Heading into the interleague bye, Moama aren’t quite at their lofty heights.

Not on the court, nor on the ladder.

Moama are fourth on the Murray league table following an agonising one goal loss to Rumbalara.

And while they have a game in hand, they find themselves two wins off the perfect Deniliquin side who occupy the place Moama has been so used to the last year and a half.

But coach Jacqui James is honest about her club.

In fact, she has been honest about her team all season, admitting that they were yet to hit their peak.

And she admits the draw has influenced that.

‘‘With some of the sides we have been playing, and I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way to the opposition, but we have played some teams where we haven’t needed to be at our absolute best to win,’’ she said.

‘‘That’s resulted in us not playing our best netball at this stage of the season, so when we came up against a side who can play at the quality that Rumbalara do play at, we didn’t get the result.’’

It’s an honest admission from a club who have been expected to once again take all before them.

But James said there were positives to come out of the game.

‘‘We started to make moves during the game and were able to get back to where we wanted to be. They would have a five or six goal lead and we would claw it back. We started to play some of our better netball by the end of the game, we just fell short.’’

While the loss may come as a shock, James said it might not be the worst thing for her team.

‘‘I think losing a game like that is a pretty clear reminder to our team that we have to be at our best all the time to succeed,’’ she said.