Couple scammed out of $630

By Riverine Herald

AN ELDERLY Echuca couple has lost $630 to a phone scam.

A man, who asked to remain anonymous, said his wife recently received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the National Broadband Network.

‘‘They said if she didn’t go and buy Apple iTunes gift cards our phone would be turned off on Friday,’’ he said.

The man said his wife, in her 80s, was not tech-savvy and went and bought the cards.

She peeled off the sticker at the back and told the scammer what that number was.

He said because he and his wife were both aware of NBN, when she received the call saying she needed to be connected, she thought it was legitimate.

‘‘We have been scammed and we will learn from it,’’ he said.

Last year Scamwatch received more than 300 complaints about scammers impersonating NBN with a whopping $28,000 lost.

According to its website, Scamwatch said NBN would never never phone ‘‘out of the blue to try to sign you up to a service over its network’’.

The three common scams which involve scammers impersonating NBN are:

■Signing victims up to fake accounts – scammers will ring victims to connect them to the NBN network for a low price. They will often demand payment be made through iTunes gift cards.

■Gaining remote access to computers – scammers pretending to be from NBN will call a victim with claims there are problems with their computer. The scammer gains remote access to the victim’s computer to steal valuable personal information, install malicious software or demand payment to fix ‘problems’ they have discovered.

■Phishing – scammers impersonating NBN will call victims to steal valuable personal information like their name, address, Medicare number, licence number.

Anyone who receives a suspicious call is urged to report it to Scamwatch by visiting