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November 15, 2017

Club Mulwala Outdoor Bowls
The bowls pennant season is well underway, with all club teams experiencing strong competition.
The weather has been very kind and the greens on which members have played have been in wonderful condition.
Mid-week saw Division 2 travel to Moira Benalla where a strong showing on all rinks resulted in a solid win - the hospitality of Moira bowlers was really appreciated.
Division 4 travelled to Rutherglen where once again they represented the club extremely well.
The experienced and new bowlers continue to blend very well, however Rutherglen were just too strong on the day.
Saturday A4 hosted Yackandandah with a fantastic close battle all day.
Excellent bowls played in a great competetive spirit, on a perfect green on the first really hot day. The ClubMulwala team did well to be just in front when it mattered.
Practice is now up and running each Thursday from 3.30pm onwards, for those members who work practice will still be going well after 5pm so don’t miss out.
There will be a coach available to answer any questions or assist all in improving their skills.
The days and time for social games are likely to change as players begin club events, make sure you check the notice board regularly.
Congratulations to Laureen Smith on earning another club championship, this time at YMGCR, members miss you around the club and keep an eye on what you are up to.
Yarrawonga Bowls Club
Bowlers have again been busy at the club, what with playing the interclub championships, pennant and scheduled games.
The results of the games played at the club this week were; Monday, November 6 Nominated Pairs 2-4-2 with 24 teams on the greens and the winners were Don Ellis and B. Jenkins.
The runners-up were Bob Jeffcott and Frank Liberg, they also won the jackpot for the day.
Wednesday, November 8 members played Jackpot Triples with 24 players on the greens and the winners were Max Tuttleby, Keith Eade and Ron Neilson.
The runners-up were Keith Mc Qualter, Doug Corrigan and Carl Smith. The jackpot was not claimed on the day.
Thursday night was Barefoot Bowls with 20 players joining in the fun and the winners were Jack Jarden and Alissa, the runners-up were Ray Sheridan and John Chamberlain.
The results of the pennant games played this week; Mid-Week Pennant Open 1’s played YMGCR at their home ground with the result being 75/69 in Yarrawonga’s favour.
The Weekend pennant results were A1’s played Wangaratta at home and the result was 101/98 in Yarrawonga’s favour, the A3’s played Myrtleford at Myrtleford with the result being 101/95 in Yarrawonga’s favour, the B1’s played Moyhu at Moyhu and the results of this game were 73/66 in Yarrawonga’s favour. Well done to all the pennant teams.
On Sunday, November 12 bowlers played some of the championship singles, rounds 1 and 2.
The winners of these rounds for the men were Gary Polkinghorne, Ian Woods, Sam Beaton, Ron Peacock and Tyson Cromie.
In the round for the ladies, the winners were Helen Smith and Faye Cook. There are still a number of games to be played in the first and second rounds.
Games for the coming week are Wednesday, November 15 Jackpot Triples starting at 1pm, Thursday, November 16 Night Barefoot Bowls starting at 6.30pm, Monday, November 19 Nominated Pairs 2-4-2 starting at 1pm.
Until next week good bowling and good health to all.
ClubMulwala Indoor Bowls
There were 2 x 2 game winners on Monday, November 6. The winner with 34 points was John Ellis (s), Gwen Owen and Chris Liberg.
Second with 31 points was Reg Bryce (s), Jeanette Davies and Lyn Ryan.
Third with a score of 23 points was Tricia Murphy (s), Anne Mc Kain and Joan Wilson.
A very good turn up for bowling on Oaks Day, Thursday, November 9 using 4 mats.
There was only 1 x 2 game winner with a score of 32 points which was Fay Gash (s), Gwen Owen, Christine Wilson and Joan Wilson. It was a fine return to bowling for Fay after her hand operations.
Second was Ian Holmes (s), Judi Cummins and Geoff Charlwoood with a score of 21 points.
There were 4 teams with a score of 20 points, but the third prize went to Reg Bryce (s) with +12 beating the teams of Wilf Owen, Val Bryce and Anne Mc Kain.
Make sure you put your name on the Presentation Dinner Sheet and tick your preferred main meal and dessert choices.
The bus to Moama will be leaving at 7.30am on the dot on Saturday, November 18.
Good Bowling. 

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