HDFL need more spice

By Andrew Johnston

PERRI and Bacon.

The two best goal kickers in the competition.

Heathcote District FL played both LBU and Leitchville-Gunbower’s gun forwards in their interleague clash with Geelong and District FL on Saturday.

It’s a match made in heaven.

But it didn’t get the win.

And the two best goalkickers in the league combined for just four goals: three for Bacon, one for Perri.

Geelong and District claimed the match by nine points.

It could have been more.

The GDFL kicked 17 behinds for the game.

And it nearly cost them as the HD side made a late charge to steal victory.

Perri said the HD were incredibly close in terms of quality to their opposition.

‘‘Both sides played really good football on the day,’’ he said.

‘‘I think what it came down to during the game was that we lacked a bit of polish in comparison to them, it wasn’t fundamental differences.’’

In fact, Perri said if not for the time factor, it might have been a different result.

‘‘I think we were playing the better football by the end of the game, we just ran out of time,’’ he said.

‘‘We were running the match well by the very end. If that game does run a bit longer, we probably would have gotten them.’’

Leitchville-Gunbower star Jack Gleeson added to his growing reputation around the league, being named in the best players for the HD.

Perri spoke highly of Gleeson’s addition to not only the side, but the competition.

‘‘Jack is getting better every week,’’ he said.

‘‘He’s having a massive impact on our club, but also on the league. It speaks to the quality of our competition that we can bring a guy like Jack in, and that other clubs can recruit really well. It makes the competition even better.’’

And as the competition gets better, so does the interleague football.

‘‘It’s a great thing for us all to be involved in,’’ Perri said.

‘‘You get to know all these guys a bit better, get to know their games and get to be mates with them as times goes on, it’s great for the competition.’’