Heathcote back on winner’s list

By Andrew Johnston

HEATHCOTE and District netball is back on the winner’s list.

After losing their last two matches, the team claimed victory over the Geelong and District NL by six goals.

They had to survive a late scare, with Geelong and District clawing back to tie the scores during the final quarter.

But the HD held their nerve to end the game in front.

Coach Liz Cobbledick said the match was played at a strong level.

‘‘It was a pretty exciting match,’’ she said.

‘‘There was some really good quality netball played throughout the match. We were coming up against a really strong opposition who put a great side out on the court.’’

Cobbledick said her team’s strong start gave them the belief going forward to claim the match.

‘‘We started off really well in the opening five minutes,’’ she said.

‘‘When you come out and put on a great showing from the early stages it sets you up for the rest of the game. We started off the way we wanted to and it gave us the confidence to play our best netball for the majority of the match.’’

While they started off strongly, the side had to hold off a strong comeback from the home side.

Cobbledick praised her team for their response to the challenge.

‘‘Our side didn’t back down when moments got tough in the game,’’ she said.

‘‘They were challenged at that time in the game, but they responded exactly how we wanted to.’’

She gave extra praise to Anna-Grace Close.

‘‘She was easily best on court,’’ Cobbledick said.

‘‘When we got into that tough stage of the game, she responded. She probably got the ball for us five or six times when we really needed it, she was easily our best player.’’

Cobbledick said that while there were no premiership points on the line, the win meant a great deal to her team.

‘‘You do get a lot of pride out of playing in these games,’’ she said.

‘‘It means a lot when you work hard to win to come away with the cup as we did on the day.’’