Preparation the key for interleague success

By Andrew Johnston

IT’S never easy putting together a team, especially when your team may not have the same amount of netball in a year as your opposition.

The Murray league isn’t about making excuses, with the interleague coach conceding the MNL were beaten by a better side in Gippsland on Saturday.

But part of what makes their opposition better is their preparation.

Murray netball interleague coach Dylan Nexhip said not playing as much netball together was always going to hurt his side.

‘‘We came up against an opposition where a lot of those girls have VNL experience,’’ he said.

‘‘These girls have exposure to netball four or five times a week, whereas a lot of our girls are training once and playing once. The simple fact is that these opposition players have a bit more netball in them and that makes them a better side.’’

Nexhip said while the result did not go their way, he was pleased with the team’s performance.

‘‘Obviously the result was pretty disappointing,’’ he said.

‘‘We came up against some pretty slick opposition who were very skillful and bigger in body, so our girls weren’t able to match that. But we gave it a real crack and represented our league really well.’’

Having been soundly beaten by a quality opposition, Nexhip said the game will act as a learning curve for all players involved.

‘‘It shows them a bit of what can be done in this game,’’ he said.

‘‘You can take the lessons that you learned in the match back to your clubs from this, look at ways that you can improve and ways you can make your team’s game better. I think it’s a great experience for the competition.’’