Racing off the beaten track

By Riverine Herald

SCHOOLCHILDREN from across the region competed in Campaspe District Cross Country event on Friday.

The top 12 placegetters in age group move on to the regional finals.


9/10 Girls: 1st: Ruby Morley (208), 2nd: Mia Arthurson (208), 3rd: Mikayla Cooper (Ky P-12), 4th: Aaylyah Burgess (208), 5th: Mia Clark (Twin Rivers), 6th: Maeve Cane (Elmore OLSH), 7th: Indiana Anderson (Goorong), 8th: Diaz Agg (208), 9th: Indi Misfud (St Mary’s), 10th: Evie Hatfield (St Mary’s), 11th: Isabella Spring (St Mary’s), 12th: Zoe Byron (East), 13th: Eliza Fraser (St Mary’s), 14th: Bayley Smith (East), 15th: Maddie Howard (Rochester), 16th: Anya Taylor (St Aug), 17th: Sophie Boyd (St Mary’s), 18th: Chloe Moyle (East), 19th: Keisha Crossland (Colb), 20th: Mikayla William (St Mary’s).

9/10 Boys: 1st: Angus Watson (208), 2nd: Bertie Cunningham (St Mary’s), 3rd: Cody Walker (St Mary’s), 4th: Zac Coghlan (208), 5th: Ben Henson (St Mary’s), 6th: Tom Naujok (208), 7th: Darcy Cullen (St Mary’s), 8th: Riley Wilkinson (Ton), 9th: Sam Morgan (Ky P-12), 10th: Mitch Sutton (208), 11th: James Bretnall (Locky), 12th: Harry Milne (St Mary’s), 13th: Jack Byrne (St Mary’s), 14th: Orin Biason (East), 15th: Jack Milne (St Mary’s), 16th: Koby Atkinson (208), 17th: Colby Roberts (Locky), 18th: Flynn Carr (St Mary’s), 19th: Lachie Patterson (St Mary’s), 20th: Hayden Good (St Augs).

11 Girls: 1st: Katie Bruns (St Augs), 2nd: Scarlett Connelly (St Mary’s), 3rd: Hannah Foley (Nanneella), 4th: Jorja Langley (208), 5th: Zoe Maher (Twin Rivers), 6th: Mae Keane (St Mary’s), 7th: Lottie Waterson (208), 8th: Sienna Westblade (St Mary’s), 9th: Chloe Power 9208), 10th: Jazz Hone (208), 11th: Maise Byrne (St Mary’s), 12th: Maddy Fox (St Mary’s), 13th: Matisse Power (St Mary’s), 14th: Bailey Moon (St Mary’s), 15th: Grace Burnett (Ky P-12), 16th: Marley Holandby (St Mary’s), 17th: Charlize Weeks (Roch), 18th: Evie Ritchie (St Mary’s), 19th: Grace Mann (East), 20th: Rose Cunningham (St Mary’s).

11 Boys: 1st: Noah Hayden (Ky P-12), 2nd: Hudson Kellet (Tongala), 3rd: Ky Henson (St Mary’s), 4th: Jesse Johnstone (Tong), 5th: Hunter Beveridge (East), 6th: Jordan Town (Roch), 7th: Jye Berryman (208), 8th: Riley Fleming (Ky P-12), 9th: Charlie O’Toole (208), 10th: Max Carroll (Ton), 11th: Ty Cox (Locky), 12th: Jett Guiney (St Aug), 13th: Archer Golding (St Mary’s), 14th: Lachie Carver (St Aug), 15th: Jake Scragg (208), 16th: Alex Hawkes (Twin Rivers), 17th: Cooper Smith (Goornong), 18th: Tommy Tatti (Ky P-12), 19th: Bailey Gowling (208), 20th: Darah Cannam (St Mary’s).

12/13 Girls: 1st: Alana Cooper (Ky P-12), 2nd: Abbey Larkin (St Mary’s), 3rd: Rosie March (St Mary’s), 4th: Lili march (St Mary’s), 5th: Tanesha Horne (208), 6th: Jaime Nunan (St Mary’s), 7th: Lexi Clarke (East), 8th: Hayley Depacer (East), 9th: Lara Biggin (Ton), 10th: Amy Parkey (208), 11th: Molly McLeod (East), 12th: Sarah Whelan (St Aug), 13th: Gemma Joyce (Ky P-12), 14th: Lexi Gregor (208), 15th: Emma Judd (Twin Rivers), 16th: Makayla Morrison (Ky P-12), 17th: Gemma Fox (East), 18th: Sienna Johnstone (St Mary’s), 19th: Tarnee Davies (Ton), 20th: Amelia Farcihonie (St Mary’s).

12/13 Boys: 1st: Luke McDonald (Ky P-12), 2nd: Luke Stone (208), 3rd: Kane Sidebottom (East), 4th: Luke Turoin (Ky P-12), 5th: Ky McDonald (Ky P-12), 6th: Tait Peterson (Ky P-12), 7th: Boden Stone (Locky), 8th: Sam Chapman (St Mary’s), 9th: Chi Williams (St Mary’s), 10th: Max Trewhella (208), 11th: Tom Evans (208), 12th: Nate Rasmussen (Roch), 13th: Seb jouault-Thomas (St Mary’s), 14th: Sean Newlyn (Ky P-12), 15th: Jacob Haines (Locky), 16th: Cody Mann (208), 17th: Finn Palmer (Locky), 18th: Jonathon McAsey (Locky), 19th: darcy Weekes (St Mary’s), 20th: marlon McConnell (Ton).