Focused Echuca too good

By Riverine Herald

IT’S hard to sugarcoat Sunday’s result.

Echuca was so dominant in the Northern Country Women’s Football League, it’s opponent — Nathalia — didn’t score a point for the day.

In contrast, the Murray Bombers booted a total of 117.

It was Echuca’s biggest win of the season by far.

With Nathalia struggling in the early part of this season, it was assumed that the Murray Bombers were certainties from before the opening bounce.

But coach Mick McInnes was not letting his side take that mindset.

‘‘You don’t want to have that attitude against any opponent,’’ he said.

‘‘Some people on the outside may have the attitude that they were an easy win, our attitude was that they were an unknown factor. They are a young side in the competition and we didn’t know much about them going in.

‘‘That needs to be your mindset before a game, that the opposition could produce anything on the day, so you need to be ready for whatever they produce.’’

With the Murray Bombers putting on a dominant performance, McInnes was given the opportunity to make changes to the line-up and experiment with the side.

‘‘We made a few changes, played a few people out of position,’’ he said.

‘‘When you get later into the year, it’s nice to be in a position where you can look at a player and say I can play her at either end. Things happen in football, so you do have to make changes at times. It’s nice to know going into games in the future that you can move players and they will adapt to it quickly.’’

And those changes may have to be made this week against Mooroopna.

‘‘We haven’t seen them play, so we don’t know a great deal about them,’’ McInnes said.

‘‘They’ve just had a good win against Benalla, who we had a loss to, so it shows the competition is pretty even. We’re really looking forward to the match.’’