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December 07, 2017

Winton Wetlands aims to connect people with the landscape and the living world.

Winton Wetlands aims to connect people with the landscape and the living world.

The project is committed to engaging and educating visitors through the combination of world-class environmental education, jaw-dropping scale, serious scientific content and unexpected art, infrastructure and events.

Experience the site on wheels with their newest offering — the Benalla-Mokoan Discovery Trail — providing the final link in the 21km bike trail that connects Benalla to the Wetlands.

The trail runs beside Sydney Rd, following Kennedy Creek and the Dam Wall, ending at the Mokoan Hub and Café — perfectly suited to those who prefer to push the pedals at a more leisurely pace.

Enjoy unrivalled wildlife and nature spotting along the way.

Winton Wetlands is as much about the landscapes you pass through, as it is the paths your wheels roll over.

The site is weaved with shared pathways specialising in the spectacular; circling an avenue of swamps and woodlands of both Indigenous and scientific importance.

The drama of the whole scene is enhanced by the twisted, skeletal remains of Red Gums, whose reflections cast ominous eyes in every direction.

The wetlands is the perfect petri dish for any visitor; with options for those that want a short stroll to burn off their coffee and cake to those who want to explore the reaches of the site by vehicle or as part of a tour, there are even options for overnight stays.

Couple this with air so clean it seems to shine and, whichever route you choose, this experience will make you feel alive.

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