Doing it for the kids

By Benalla Ensign

This week the Benalla All Blacks joined the Auskickers.

It was great to have the netballers and footballers ready to help the kids have a great time developing their football skills.

Although the weather was cold and a little damp under foot, the Auskickers were enthusiastic and eager to get the activities started. The All Blacks players hosted many activities fostering and continuing to practise kicking, handballing and chasing the ball and the players.

The goal kickers and coaches awards for this week:

5/6s Tigers: goals; Brodie Rawlings, Ryan Lindsay, Alby Dickson, Harry Ward; award Ryan Lindsay.

Red Rebels: goals; Thomas Snell, Seth Pastuszka, Jordan Streader, Ava Symes, Rheiff Nicholason; award Ava Symes.

Bulldogs: goals; Gaige Donoghue-Haines; award Gaige Donoghue-Haines.

Demons: goals; Ted Sheehan, Caleb Thwaites, Oliver Smith, Bentley Saunders; award Trae Hopgood.

7/8s Tigers: goals; Thomas Mount, Lola Mount, Harry Bast, Hugh Ross, Kobi Thwaites, Tom Osborne; award Harry Bast.

Bombers: goals; Kobe Rawlings, Jake Campbell, Tyler Fear, Hailey Ziebell; award Kobe Rawlings.

Kangas: goals; Angus Woodward, Noah Damon, Nicholas White, Ethan Damon, Jack Chittick, Ryan White; award Angus Woodward.

Cats: goals; Charlie Bell, Jackson Fry, Rylie McCarthy, Jordan Carr, Luke Boulton; award Ryley Davies.

Hawks: goals; Joshua Byers, Noah Cooney, Rohan Gunukula, Angus Leavold, David Goldsmith, Angus Hayes, Cael Johnson, Dylan Henshaw; award Angus Leavold.

Magpies: goals; Cash Nolen, Levi Crisp, Ruder Humphries, Christopher Doig; award Xavier DeFazio.

9/10s Cats: goals; Mitchell Cooney, Will Keen, Caleb Puttyfoot; award Mitchell Cooney.

Hawks: goals; Angus Richardson, Archie Stevens, Maya Rhodes, Jet Russell, Cooper Binion; award Angus Richardson.

Bombers: goals; Mason Butterworth, Max Beaton, Oscar Beaton; award Jaxon Hussell.

Bulldogs: goals; Connor Breheny, Kai Dervish, Sam Gates, Jett Russell; award Kai Dervish.

Tigers: goals; Ryan Hopgood, Zek Osborne, Ryder Robertson, Braedon Blackford, Billy Buitenhuis; award Christian Squires.

Kangas: goals; Josh Mathieson, Patrick Cornell, Seth Duggan, Ruby Richardson, Xavier Wapling; award Patrick Cornell.

Don’t forget that all Auskickers are invited to come to meet Tom Lonergan and participate in some great activities at Benalla Show Grounds at 6pm Wednesday.