Students ride 2 school

By Campaspe News


THE school recently held its 12th annual Ride 2 School Day.

A group of parents was on hand to help with the bikes and helmets, along with Darren Pain from Rochester Sportspower.

Darren once again volunteered his time to help with some bike checks and adjustments, ensuring everyone was ready for the ride.

The overnight rain dampened the tracks, but not the spirits, as the whole school headed off to the Bushland Reserve.

Four riders joined organiser Jo McQuillan on the 12km ride while the rest took the shorter 7km route.

Students’ stamina and resilience was tested, particularly on the soft and muddy tracks that slowed everyone down.

One front wheel was so clogged with mud it stopped turning completely, but a sturdy stick was found and the problem was solved.

Parents Club and the Nanneella Hall Committee organised a lunch, with iced coffee supplied for the adults courtesy of Mulcahy’s A2 Milk in Kyabram.

The students particularly enjoyed testing their riding and risk-taking skills, riding up and down the sand quarry, dodging small saplings and large rabbit holes.

Grade five students stepped up to thank all the assembled adults for their assistance on the day.

Everyone then joined the ride back to school, with a race for each grade down Bennett Rd to finish an exciting day.