Back for fishing and friendships

January 09, 2018

Daniel and Belinda Barnes and their children Chloe and Reggie and dog ‘Toto’ packed up and ready to leave Deni on Sunday.

For Daniel and Belinda Barnes, a family holiday that included a stopover in Deniliquin was a trip down memory lane.

The couple and their children — Chloe (7) and Reggie (6) — were camped at Willoughby’s Beach until Sunday morning, enjoying the river and sunshine.

Daniel and Belinda are both school teachers who spent 2011 and 2012 in Deniliquin teaching at the high school.

Late last year they decided to pack up their ute, hook up the ‘tinnie’ and take a three-week camping trip, leaving their Morriset home on NSW’s Central Coast shortly after the school term wrapped up.

‘‘We’re having a ball,’’ Belinda said.

‘‘We stopped in Forbes, which is where Daniel’s parents are, then we stayed four nights in Narrandera at Lake Talbot, which was just beautiful, and then it was on to Deni.

‘‘We have great memories of Deni. Reggie was born here and I was able to catch up with some of the mums from our mothers’ group.

‘‘Daniel went to uni with your editor, Sam Hall, so we’ve caught up with the Halls as well.’’

Daniel said the Edward River and a chance to hook a mighty Murray cod with his kids was another reason to return to Deni as part of their holiday adventure.

He said they love fishing together as a family.

‘‘We’re camped right next to the river at Willoughby’s near the new boat ramp. You can jump straight out of your swag and straight into the boat,’’ he said.

‘‘The kids are loving it but we’re still waiting to land that big Murray cod. We got a few smaller ones in Narrandera but haven’t had as much luck here just yet,’’ he said on Saturday afternoon.

‘‘Deni’s such a beautiful place with the forests and river — that’s certainly something we miss.’’

The Barnes’ family packed up their boat, bikes and ute on Sunday morning to hit the road with no real plans except to find a river, creek or lake where the fish are biting.

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