Boost for fire brigade

By Cobram Courier

Cobram Fire Brigade will receive $21000 to install a generator at the station which could help save people’s lives.

The generator will help offset the loss of power in times of natural disasters and help communication lines to remain open between emergency services.

The generator will run the station and the command facility if power from the energy grid goes out.

The CFA applied for the equipment through the Emergency Management Victoria Grant on behalf of the brigade.

Cobram Fire Brigade captain Adrian Hilder said the impacts of power outages were hugely inconvenient for the station considering it was an emergency service.

‘‘It’s great for the station because if there is a natural disaster and it knocks the power out, the brigade can still run the show from the station,’’ he said.

‘‘When the power goes out we have to open the front doors manually and we can’t run the computers and radios, so the generator is definitely going to be very beneficial for us.’’

The plan to install a generator had been in the pipeline for a couple of years and eventually came to a head because there is now a local command facility.

‘‘We used the LCF when the floods were on and it covers the Moira Shire, so if anything happens like a bushfire or a big grass fire within the shire, they will use the LCF as a command post so the generator will run that if the power goes out,’’ Mr Hilder said.

He said the brigade was hoping the generator would be installed in the next few months.

A concrete slab will have to be laid for the generator, but the station was fully wired for one to be hooked up when it was built.

The brigade is also in the process of putting together a grant submission to help it install an automated security gate to the station entrance.

‘‘We definitely need something like that to boost the security of the station for our members and we don’t want people going in there,’’ Mr Hilder said.