Garden of Edis for Ky dogs

January 10, 2018

Tony Alford and David Livsey are just some of the many volunteers who made Edis Park what it is today.

MEET the men behind Kyabram’s only off-leash dog park.

Edis Park has long been a haven for canines and their owners around the town – and it’s all thanks to a group of cats.

Keen to share the work of their pride, David Livsey and Tony Alford said the work of the Lions Club volunteers has helped shape the park into what it has become today.

For almost 45 years the Kyabram Lions Club has been the caretaker of this patch, tucked away between Corrigan Ave and Oswald St, protected from development by conditions in the estate of Clara Beatrice Edis.

While the maintenance of the land has been handed back to the Campaspe Shire, the Lions are proud to have left their mark.

There have been a few changes, with the original playground equipment replaced and the barbecue shelters given a revamp.

“Over the years we’ve had a lot of little projects along the way which have made the park into a good place to spend time,” David Livsey said.

“We have the running track and positioned around it are exercise stations for people to use; David Luscombe was instrumental in getting the signage sorted for the stations.”

And there is always someone keeping an eye on things around the tracks.

“We really should be thanking Frank Tobias, he’s our unofficial caretaker of the park, he’s always keeping an eye out to make sure nothing is amiss,” Tony Alford said.

As for the future plans for the park, ongoing maintenance will be handled by the shire while the Lions will be helping out in any way they can.

“Often we receive grants from council and we’ll do the labouring. With the volunteers doing the work, we’re able to make sure the money is going directly to the community,” David Livsey said.

“It can sound like a lot of work, but the working bees are a bunch of fun so everyone is willing to help out.”

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