Twins prepped for school

January 10, 2018

Brooke Cleveland says her twins Tarkyn (left) and Cruz are looking forward to starting the school year.

ONE prep class at Kyabram P-12 is set to have double the trouble this year.

Twins Cruz and Tarkyn Cleveland are just a couple of the district’s preps who are getting ready to begin their first year of school.

And while the start of the school term is still a while away, these two are chomping at the bit to get into the swing of things.

“At the moment we’re all pretty relaxed about the back to school preparations, but they’re definitely excited to be heading off,” mother Brooke Cleveland said.

“The end of last year we had the transition classes and there was no trouble at all, so the two of them should be fine in the same class.”

Things are sure to be quiet around the house when the school term starts as Mrs Cleveland will be left with one child to look after.

“It’s going to be a big difference going from three kids at home down to one, I’ll be a bit lost to begin with but it’ll be good to have quiet days, especially after the holidays,” she said.

As a parent who’s been through the first-day-of-school nerves before, Mrs Cleveland said the one day a week helps children ease into school life and you just don’t know how your child will handle the change.

“It’s good to have the day off each week to begin with, just for them to catch up on rest. I know with these two there’s one which will handle it better than the other to begin with,” she said.

If it’s your first child heading off, Mrs Cleveland has some advice.

“The one thing to remember is they will be OK without you there – they’re going to have fun there – you just need to relax and let them go,” she said.

Parents are reminded that during February, prep students will have Wednesdays off for four weeks.

Other tips for parents to reduce the stress of back to school include:

■Laying out your child’s clothes, hat, shoes and socks the night before.

■Ensuring they have a healthy breakfast – this is important for energy to get through the day.

■Helping your child to pack their school bag with a snack, drink, lunch and a hat.

■Showing your child where you will meet them at the end of the school day.

■Developing a bedtime routine so your child can wind down at the end of the day and get a good night’s sleep – children aged five need around 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night.

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