Beds hit the spot

By Lachlan Durling

SHERIDAN aged care residents are sleeping easier thanks to a mammoth fundraising effort by local community organisations.

Thirty residents have new bedroom furnishings thanks to a bequest, funding from the Kyabram Hospital Ladies Auxiliary, the Kyabram Club, the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) and donations from the community.

The furnishings include new beds, bedside tables and meal tables — at $165,000 it didn’t come cheap but the residents said it was worth it.

Rodger Pate said his new bed had helped him work on his model machines well into the night.

“I knocked off at about 10pm one night, it’s great to get a bit of work in without anyone disturbing you,” he said.

“Seeing as I’m a bit confined to this bed, it’s great, it’s supportive and I can sit it up like an armchair if I need to.”

Walking in to Mr Pate’s room you’re greeted by a collection of model machines, from trains and planes to automobiles.

He spends hours tinkering to assemble the wooden builds and he said his new bed, complete with a reading lamp, has him feeling like a king.

“I feel pretty privileged to have it, if anyone wants a model made, just buy me one and I’ll make it up for you,” he laughed.

The beds replace existing ones which were between 11-15 years old and required ongoing maintenance.

Dorothy Stone, Sheridan senior manager of primary health and aged care said the beds offer residents more independence.

“These beds reduce the risk of pressure injuries and falls, but they also allow the residents to manipulate their own bed to sit up or lie flat,” she said.

“It’s important because when they’re socialising, they’re able to sit up at eye level and feel more involved in the conversation. For residents who aren’t able to adjust their own bed, we can flick a switch and the staff can control it for them.

“But most importantly, they don’t look like hospital beds — it makes the room look more home-like.”

The furnishings were purchased with a bequest of $105,000, a FRRR grant of $32,068, Kyabram Hospital Ladies Auxiliary donation of $16,034 and a Kyabram Club donation of $8017.

Kyabram Hospital Auxiliary president Marg Chalker said the group was proud to be supporting Sheridan and thanked those who supported the auxiliary.

“Our casserole luncheon forms part of it but we also received a donation of $500 from the Kyabram Lions Club which we really appreciate,” she said. “We’re a community club and so this was made possible by our support program we run, we’re more than happy to help out however we can,” Kyabram Club’s chairman Terry Nepean said. “Sheridan is a place that provides tremendous care to locals, we’re always here visiting family and friends and it’s great to see them so well cared for — this donation helps ensure that.”