Careless drivers are on thin ice this winter

By The McIvor Times

WINTER is almost here and Heathcote motorists are being encouraged to prepare for challenging driving conditions.

VicRoads Acting Regional Director, Brian Westley, said knowing how to drive in icy conditions is vital for motorists’ safety.

“It’s important to understand the dangers that winter weather can bring. Black ice is invisible and unpredictable, it can form on any road in freezing temperatures when there is heavy dew, rain or pooled water on the road surface,” Mr Westley said.

“The best thing motorists can do is plan ahead and check the weather forecast before starting their journey.

“When conditions include heavy rain, strong winds or snow we encourage motorists to consider holding off and only driving when conditions have improved.

“If you do need to travel in difficult weather check that tyres are in good condition ahead of time, be well rested before leaving and be patient on the road.

“We all have a role to play in safety. If you are driving in fog, mist or slippery conditions remember to use headlights, slow down, brake gently and keep a safe distance from the cars in front.

“It can take twice the distance for a vehicle to come to a complete stop in icy conditions compared to dry weather.”