Close call on dangerous road sparks concerns

By The McIvor Times

CELIA Gregory was driving on the Heathcote-Redesdale Rd recently when a car towing a caravan coming from the other direction seemed to be driving straight at her.

She flashed the driver, moved slightly off the road and narrowly avoided an accident.

Mrs Gregory says this is just one of many incidents that have occurred on the Heathcote-Redesdale Rd – and something needs to be done.

“It isn’t just me either, I have had reports from other people who have said just how dangerous it is,” Mrs Gregory said.

Mrs Gregory said it seemed VicRoads had attempted to fix the problem by installing new lines and widening the road, but it is still a far cry from the safe road she is hoping for.

“It just isn’t safe enough to have trucks going 100km/h on, it’s ludicrous,” she said.

“I’m guessing it is mostly people who don’t really know the road, they go far too fast.

“There are just a couple of bends that are seriously dangerous.”

Mrs Gregory said she made a call to police about the matter, and while they said they couldn’t do much about the problem, they have begun patrolling the road.

“There is going to be a shocking accident one day unless something happens, which is tragic, but its true.”

Brian Westley, regional director Northern at VicRoads, said they are always keeping an eye on dangerous roads.

“Building and maintaining safe and reliable roads is our first priority — that’s why we regularly inspect all arterial roads.

“We know locals rely on this road every day, so we’ll take a good look at how we can improve this section of road.”