Shop hit by truck

By Tatura Guardian

The ladies at Coffee + got the shock of their lives Wednesday morning when a delivery truck collided with the shop’s verandah.

A delivery truck was travelling west on Hogan St about 11.30am when it clipped the front verandah causing the shop’s shared side wall with Challenge Taxation and Accounting Services to separate.

Coffee + owner Michelle Keen said she thought she was going to have a heart attack.

‘‘It was so loud, we had customers in the shop and they all jumped up and the building owner from next door came running out,’’ Ms Keen said.

Ms Keen said the impact was so great, hard plaster fell from the inside of the building.

‘‘Plaster fell in the shop, so there was a bit of a mess, but no-one was hurt and that’s the main thing,’’ she said.

Ms Keen said the building had been checked over and declared structurally safe to continue with business.

‘‘The door had to be fixed as it was jammed shut and there are some big cracks inside, which are cosmetic, but otherwise we are all okay,’’ she said.

Ms Keen and colleague Lisa Mulcahy wore hard hats as a joke after the incident.

‘‘One of our regulars from the ambulance station bought in a personalised hard hat to wear, so we went with it,’’ Ms Keen said.

Coffee + was also hit 12 months ago when a delivery truck hit the side guttering.

‘‘We’ve been hit a couple of times from trucks going down the side ally, but nothing like this,’’ she said.