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January 11, 2018

Di Grant handed over scrapbooks and folders of her news work to Wayne Herring, Secretary of the Seymour and District Historical Society

John and I made an important decision a couple of months ago, to downsize from our larger home and garden to a smaller unit which we can manage better in the autumn of our lives. We are waiting for someone to buy our old house now.

Now what to do with 33 years of my written newspaper clippings, photos and major events records that I have organised and the Puckapunyal Boomerang magazines? I gave many back to various groups and decided to donate the clippings records to two museums at Seymour and Nagambie.

When I lived in Avenel as Diane Laverie, I wrote the Activities in Avenel column; then when in Seymour, a full page ‘Seymour Social Scene’ and after marrying John Grant in 2000 I continued on as Di Grant, then did the ‘District Diary’ page. I have done the Nagambie Notes and articles since 2001.

Things have changed since I typed up ‘double space’, on paper, an Avenel column or article on my little Olivetti typewriter. No home computers or emails then.

In the ’90s I went to the newspaper office each Saturday and typed up my column on their Cybergraphic computer. I used my own camera for taking photos (black and white) and I took the film up to Karl Mikainis to develop, and he and Ray Sizer from the Shepparton News taught me how to be a good photographer.

I spent years gathering 7000 birthdays and 2000 anniversaries in my book and working on thousands of stories for my community.

In 1992 I started work at Puckapunyal and contributed to their Boomerang magazine. When I retired from my Army job, which also included media coverage from 1992-2004, I became its editor for nine years to 2013.

I received my 15-year McPherson newspaper award in Shepparton and a 20-year Boomerang award for my contribution to the army community.

So my work is not wasted, the first lot has been given for posterity to the Seymour museum and the second lot will go to the Nagambie Museum.

I will still do some writing and take some photos for the paper, and my celebrant wedding and funeral work.

— Di Grant,


Low-key champions

Did you know that in Seymour we have two Australian National Steeplechase Champions?

Well we do and they are Maxine Paholek and Tyran Furletti.

These amazing young ladies have been unbeatable in their age groups at the state and national level. Surprisingly neither has received any well-earned publicity of their achievements.

Not that they are concerned since they are both humble silent achievers not bothered about the limelight.

It’s sad that loud, attention-seeking individuals can receive publicity while our town’s real assets are seemingly ignored.

These two sportswomen are enabling our town’s name to be heard both at the state and national level for all the right reasons.

They are living role models who don’t consume alcohol, tobacco or recreational drugs, who are good students and good family and community members.

They have a great deal of motivation, devotion and dedication to the long, hard hours of training and competition.

Their families are also a great inspiration and role models in their support and encouragement of Maxine and Tyran.

Anton, Maxine’s father, has devoted many years to training his daughter and his wife has also been an amazing support. Holli, Tyran’s mum has been Tyran’s most ardent supporter as has been her father.

Such achievements surely deserve to be publicised to inspire other young people and families within our area.

We at the Seymour Youth and Fitness Club, where both use our facilities to complement their training, congratulate Maxine, 17 (Under-20 Steeplechase National Champion in 3000m) and Tyran, 13 (Under -15 Steeplechase National Champion in 2000m).

I extend my congratulations to their respective families, trainers and coaches

How lucky we are to have these two modest, hardworking, inspirational champions represent our country town.

— Sergio Prado-Arnuero,


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