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January 12, 2018

The merry-go-round at the Southern Can and (inset) three-year-old Dianne Glare riding in the merry-go-round plane in 1954.

A very merry time

THE merry-go-round was a favourite with the children of the Southern Can employees at their annual Christmas party for many years.

It was built in the early 1950s by employees of Southern Can in the engineering maintenance workshop using obsolete machinery parts. Jack Bond was the factory manager and Norm Fraser the production manager at that time. The employees worked for many hours after the plant had closed down for the day to make the merry-go-round and many wooden toys for the children.

The merry-go-round featured two boats, two planes and two horses made out of four gallon drums. Four colourful clowns adorned the top of the centrepiece. It was run by a motor.

Some of the men involved were Tom Berry, Eric Cheong and the Tonkin Brothers – Ern, Don and John. John was the factory carpenter who contributed many of the wooden components for the merry-go-round, swings, see saws and train, together with all the wooden toys. Fil Horner, with many of the employees, was involved in the toy and equipment making and construction.

All these items were used up until the late 1990s when OHS requirements declared them unsafe. No injuries were ever recorded.

â– Compiled by Eileen Sullivan, Kyabram Historical Society voluntary librarian, from information contributed by Clive Toms. Photographs contributed by Dianne Glare.

40 years ago

THE WINNER of the Kyabram New Year’s Carnival Committee raffle shocked the ticket drawer, Senator Tom Tehan, more than the recipient of the new car.

Senator Tehan drew out his daughter’s name from the 4,400 other entries in the car raffle on the carnival night last week.

And the ticket had been purchased only minutes before the draw.

Senator Tehan would no doubt be the most popular father as far as Miss Maureen Tehan is concerned.

This week the qualified barrister will drive off in the brand new Corolla back to Melbourne where she is serving her articles with a law firm.

‘‘As I stepped up to the drawing of the ticket I said to Tom Warren, I hope I don’t draw mine out,’’ Senator Tehan explained.

But what he failed to consider was the tickets he had purchased in his daughter’s name on the same night.

No wonder the announcement of the winner met with something of a stunned silence.

The carnival night was a chilly one but Carnival Committee members are pleased with the turn-out that joined in with the games and listened to the band.

The attendance was down because of the cold weather but an estimated 1,000 people enjoyed the carnival.

Attractions were run by the Stanhope Lions, the Kyabram Apex and Rotary clubs and the Carnival Committee.

20 years ago

LOCAL fishing guru David Atkins can’t believe his luck.

David was doing a spot of angling recently in a district channel.

Also a keen punter, David had his transistor radio with him and at one stage perched it on top of a bridge while he fished — and listened to the races.

But a big redfin changed everything.

David hauled in the 1.3kg (about 3lb) redfin and admitted that in all the excitement of the catch he completely forgot about the wireless.

David couldn’t recall where he had left it but eight days later returned to where he had caught the big fish to try his luck once again.

And there, still perched on the bridge where he had left it was his faithful tranny!

‘‘I couldn’t believe it.

‘‘Somebody had actually turned it off,’’ said an amazed David.

‘‘When you consider it was on a bridge on a sealed road you could say I was very lucky to get it back after all that time.

‘‘The person who turned it (the radio) off is obviously a very honest person.’’

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