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February 14, 2018

Glenda Marshall (Ladies Runner-up), Sue Harris (Ladies Winner), Howlong President Graham Gould (Men’s B Grade Winner), Tex Smith (Men’s B Grade Runner-up) and John Mason (Men’s A Grade Winner).

Howlong Vets Golf

The Hyundai Genesis Howlong Vets competition was held on Monday, February 5 and a beautiful sunny day greeted the field with another great turnout of 52 men and 28 women hitting the course. 

The Men’s A Grade winner was John Mason, with a score of 38, on a count back from Peter Donovan in second place.

The score of the day came from Howlong President who had a day out with 43 points winning the Men’s B grade.

Tex Smith was the unlucky runner up with 42 points, which on any other day would be a winning score.

Sue Harris won the day in the ladies’ division with an outstanding score of 40 points to blitz the field.  Glenda Marshall finished runner up with 37 points on a countback from Waverly Golf Club visitor, Kathleen Unthank.

Glenda also managed to achieve a rare feat and had an eagle on seven which was enough for her to secure the second place result.

Angela Lee took out the nearest the pin on the 2nd with Valerie Purves taking the honours on the 5th and Maralyn Seddon on the 8th.

Men’s nearest the pins were won by the consistent Eddie Fah who took the prize on both 2nd and the 5th.

Tex Smith took the honours on the 8th to ensure that there was no hat-trick from Eddie.

A big thank you for the great work from our volunteers Barry Bird, Carol Bird and Dave Lowe who cooked the free barbecue for the players.

There are some great events going on at Howlong at the moment with the Ladies Holden Scramble on February 25, and the Veterans Week of Golf played over four rounds with two days at Corowa Golf Club and two days at Howlong commencing on March 5.

The next Hyundai Genesis Howlong Veterans competition is on Monday, March 12, with an 8am for an 8.30am shotgun start.

This is an open competition to those players with an official handicap who are 55 years or older.

The Howlong Veterans annual joining fee is only $5 and this will affiliate you with the NSW Veterans. If you are affiliated with another state’s veterans competition you are more than welcome to play.

If you have any questions or would like to play please call the Howlong Golf Shop on (02) 6026 5822.

Corowa Golf

A rather hot week of golf - still scoring was pretty good, and everyone was certainly enjoying themselves, so let’s get on with it.

Tuesday, February 6

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Alex McGillivray 41 pts. Runner up - Damien Plunkett 40 pts. Ball winners - Bruce Pearce 39 pts, Greg Richardson 38 pts, Terry Moriaty 37 pts, Graeme Pickett, Roger Bradford, Don Spencer 36 pts.

Golden Oldies – Stableford: Winner - Rick Jamieson 20 pts. Runner up - John Batten 18 pts. Ball winner - Bill Gardner. NTP - Joe Lackner.

Wednesday, February 7

Ladies Stroke - Monthly Medal: A grade winner - Selina Barkley 83/71. A grade r/up - Louise Holden 92/76. B grade winner - Jutta Wheatley 103/75. B grade r/up - Sheila Van Haren 102/77. Ball winners - Trish Lethbridge 88/78, Margaret Playford 102/78, Gay Richards 98/79, Florence Hudson 108/81.

NTP’s - A grade - Trish Lethbridge 4th, B grade - Margaret Beel 4th, C grade - Tessa Merritt 4th. A grade best gross - Selina Barkley 83. B grade best gross - Sheila Van Haren 102. Monthly medal won by Selina Barkley - congratulations Selina, well done.

Thursday, February 8

Pro Comp – Stableford: Winner - Ken Bouchard 40 pts. Runner up - John Taylor 39 pts. Third - Jason Cawthray 39 pts. Fourth - George Gerard 39 pts. Ball winners - (2 balls each) Lance Davis 38 pts, Dalton Wegener, Matt Goodall, John Fraser 37 pts, Joe Lackner, Gavin Davis 36 pts. 1 ball each - Michael Cleary, Glen McKenzie, David Holmes, Brun Milinark 34 pts, Peter Howell, Doug Ward 33 pts.

Saturday, February 10

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Bernie McLean 35 pts. A grade r/up - Trish Lethbridge 34 pts. Ball winners - Sandra Lewis 32 pts, Jeannette Aylward 31 pts, Sheila Van Haren 31 pts. NTP’s - Heather Briggs 4th, Bernie McLean 27th.

Men’s Stroke - Monthly Medal: A grade winner - David Robb 71/69. B grade winner - John Holden 88/71. C grade winner - Joe Lackner 93/72. Ball winners - Glen McKenzie 84/71, Dalton Wegener 76/71, Steve Carrick 75/71, Graeme Chester 81/71, Neil Caulfield 90/72, Michael Hooper 87/72, John Taylor 85/72, Greg Witherden 99/72, Allen Wood 89/72, David Anderson 88/73, Graham Skinner 96/73, Terry Moriarty 87/73, Ross Lewis 95/73, Ben Kerr (Tocumwal) 78/74, John Stead (Commercial) 82/74. NTP’s - Des Fraser 4th, Darren Hughes 27th. A grade scratch winner - David Robb 71. B grade scratch winner - Glen McKenzie 84. C grade scratch winner - Joe Lackner 93.

Jackpot hole 21st - no winner. Monthly medal won by David Robb - congratulations David, well done.

Sunday, February 11

Ladies Composite Course – Stroke: Winner - Noreen Miller 93/73. Ball winners - Louise Holden 89/73, Danika Coyne (Wodonga) 74/74. NTP’s - Danika Coyne 4th, Sue Patton 18th.

Men’s Stroke: Winner - Andrew Love 71/69. Ball winners - John Crilly (Tocumwal) 84/71, Geoff Ellis 86/71, Alex Patton 75/71, Tim Patton 87/73. NTP’s - John Taylor 4th, Ian Rundell 18th.

For your diary

One more mention of this (just in case you haven’t got your team of four together for this important event), next Sunday, February 18 is our opportunity to help someone in the Riverina with cancer.

Still time to gather three others to make up your Ambrose team of four.

Entry including food is $50 per person.

For further information contact Lily at the Cancer Council NSW office or call our Pro Shop on (02) 6033 2162. 

Let’s make this a huge success next Sunday - let’s show everybody just how good we are.

See you there.

Happy Golfing

“The Bogeyman”

Howlong Golf

Tuesday, February 6

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Jack O’Halloran 39 pts. A grade r/up - Tom O’Halloran 37 pts. B grade winner - Stephen Martin 42 pts. B grade r/up - Bill McKenzie 40 pts. C grade winner - John Marshall 40 pts. C grade r/up - Reginald Outen 39 pts. Ball winners - Robert Richardson 40 pts, Peter Smith, Bill Iverach 38 pts, Stephen Purcivall, Richard Murray, Peter Anderson, Gregory Ganning, Kel Smith, Kel Smith, Don Eastick 37 pts, Greg Lambeth, Ian Bain, Allan McMaster, Mathew O’Halloran, Mervyn McCormick, Eddie Fah, Dev Knighton 36 pts, John Kimber, Ivan Yates, Michael Hollis, Paul Packham, Gordon Sawyer 35 pts. NTP’s - Reginald Outen 2nd, Brett McMahon 5th, Peter Anderson 8th, Ian Williams 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Gail O’Halloran 36 pts. A grade r/up - Rachael Wright 35 pts. Ball winners - Susan Gibb, Wendy Day 34 pts. NTP - Karie Lowe 5th.

Wednesday, February 7

Ladies Par: A grade winner - Sue Eisenhauer +3 c/b. A grade r/up - Diane I’Anson +3. B grade winner - Gloria Martin +6 c/b. B grade r/up - Margot Hudson +6. Ball winners - Jan Hastings +6, Robin Stevens, Jan Marshall, Jan Sutherland, Mary Dixon +2, Carol Richardson, Sue Harris, Fay Barnes, Janny Molesworth, Julie Donovan +1, Lynette King, Eve Byatt, Lorraine Horton 0. Eagle - Pam Boswell 7th. NTP’s - Jan Marshall 2nd, Pam Boswell 5th, Angela Lee 8th.

Ladies 9 hole Stableford: Winner - Elsie Romey 21 pts. Runner up - Frances Young 19 pts. Ball winner - MJ Ursu 18 pts.

Thursday, February 8

Men’s Silvercolts Stableford: A grade winner - Peter Redhead 43 pts. A grade r/up - Peter Smith 40 pts c/b. A grade third - Bill Iverach 40 pts. B grade winner - Patrick O’Keefe 43 pts. B grade r/up - Ron Newman 38 pts c/b. B grade third - Reginald Outen 38 pts. C grade winner - Ronald Southern 42 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Peter Hatch 42 pts. C grade third - John Gibbs 41 pts. Ball winners - Alex Krause, Stephen Sang 40 pts, Kevin Murphy, Mervyn McCormick, Peter Donovan 39 pts, Neville Batt, Fred Ford, Ian Williams, Tony Jelbart 38 pts, John Simpson, Kelvin Shannon, Bill Tomkins, Michael Hibberson, Phil Kamber, Eddie Fah 37 pts, Noel Yewers, Don Eastick, John Kimber, Rob Forrest 36 pts. NTP’s - Thomas Larkins 2nd, Richard Murray, Bruce Bengough 8th, David Byrne 18th.

Saturday, February 10 

Men’s Stableford: A grade winner - Mick Kenna 38 pts. A grade r/up - Wayne Degering 37 pts. A grade third - Neville Batt 36 pts. B grade winner - Graham Chick 44 pts. B grade r/up - Stephen Martin 43 pts. B grade third - Bill Iverach 38 pts. C grade winner - John Whittle 40 pts c/b. C grade r/up - Paul Packham 40 pts. C grade third - Graham Gould 36 pts. Ball winners - Reginald Outen 37 pts, Trevor Schroeter, Anthony Daley, John Arthur, Noe Stewart, Pater Daley, David Byrne, Ken Whybrow, Scott Proctor 36 pts, Charles Webb-Wagg, Trevor Whelan, Quinton Cooke, Peter Redhead, Damien Shanahan, Peter Revell, Bruce Barnes, Max Abel, Nigel Hazell, Philip Trimble, Ian Charles, Tony Jelbart 35 pts, Justin Gamble, Tom Murphy, Ian Campbell 34 pts. NTP’s - Justin Gamble 2nd, Peter Daley 5th, David Robertson 8th, Zach Grubisa 18th.

Ladies Stableford: A grade winner - Liz Greenhill 39 pts c/b. A grade r/up - Michelle Stevens 39 pts.

Ball winners - Sue Harris, Colleen O’Keefe 36 pts, Fay Barnes, Di Tyrell-Miller 35 pts, Katrina Hando 34 pts. NTP - Fay Barnes.

Sunday, February 11

Men’s Summer Pennant: A grade winner - Neville Batt 41 pts. A grade r/up - Ian Williams 38 pts. B grade winner - Sid Leathem 43 pts. B grade r/up - Terry Mardling 42 pts. Ball winners - Casey Rolfe, Tim Cameron 39 pts, Graham Gould, Rob Forrest 38 pts, Mathew Porter, Max Barraclough, Rorey McNamara, Wayne Hannan, Adrien Feuerherdt 37 pts, Brenton Pool, Stuart James, Gregory Kent, John Arthur, Martin Tobin 36 pts. NTP’s - Graeme Pool 2nd, Geoffrey Moss 17th.

18 hole Medley Stableford: A grade winner - Brent Cochrane 45 pts. A grade r/up - Nathan Reynoldson 42 pts. Ball winners - Terry O’Gorman 39 pts, Michael Boyd 38 pts, Paul Purtell 37 pts, Dale Barnett, Peter Stevens 36 pts. NTP - Shane Rohrich 18th.

MRVGA – Corowa Veterans Golf

The February event was played at the Corowa Golf Club course on Monday, February 12.

In conjunction with the regular event an inaugural Murray River Veterans inter- club competition between the Thurgoona and Corowa veterans was also held.

This is a two game annual competition with a trophy donated by the Thurgoona Veterans as the prize to be held by the winning club.

A field of 95 players including 12 ladies were in attendance making the day one of the largest registrations for a very long time.

The business support partner for the day was the Corowa Golf Club Pro Shop who provided all winners vouchers on the day as well as the raffle 1st prize.

Monthly Vets event winners were;

Ladies winner with 34 points playing off a h/cap of 22 was Judy Stephens (H/long GC) with Wendy Day (H/long GC) runner-up with a score of 30 off 17.

Nearest the pin winner on the 4th hole was Ann Bumbers (H/long GC).

Rundown winners each receiving a golf ball were – Ann Bumbers 27, Riki Terhaar 26, Elsie Reitenbach 26, Kaye Redhead 26, Jan Vincent 24, Pat Cooper 23, Beryl Lloyd 23, Jenny Williams 21, Heather Eggleston 20 and Jenny Harkness 13.

Men’s winners; A Grade Allen Brown (Thurgoona GC) with 40 points off 7 h/cap and runner-up was Andrew Scott (Corowa GC) with 39 off 6.

B Grade winner Thomas Johnson (H/long GC) with 37 off18 and runner-up Max Urquhart (Thurgoona GC) and C grade went to Leslie Murphy with 45 off 21 and C Timma (Tarrawingee GC) with 39 off 30. NTP winners; Rino Feltrin on the 4th and Rob Wiltshire on the 18th holes.

Ball R/down winners; Barry Liddell 38, Joe Lackner 38, Russ Hewitt 38, Rob Wiltshire 37, Phip Smith 36, John Gibbs 36, Ron Wyatt 35, Bill Scammell 33, Ian Rough 33, Ivor Bumbers 33, Ian Nixon 33, Carl Iverson 33, Peter Mountain 32, Paul Hayden 32, John Hedley 32, John Culhane 32, Alf George 32, Brian Scolyer 32, Rino Feltrin 31,Robert Watson 31, Robert Laidlaw 31, Russ Gardiner 31, Bill Day 31 and Tom Bennett 30.

Members are reminded of the March events as; Monday 5th at Rutherglen Golf Club, 8am for 8.30am tee time, and the return game in the Murray River Veterans Competition to be held at the Thurgoona Golf Club on Tuesday, 27th for an 8am registration and 8.30am tee time.

All are encouraged to participate in a friendly, country atmosphere event whilst supporting senior golf.

Rutherglen Golf Club

Stableford Results: Wednesday, February 7: Winner G Ganning 34pts. On C.B Others K Dean 34pts, R Humphry’s 31pts, G Williams 24pts.

9 Hole Chock Run: Friday, February 9: Winners G Pearce19 pts, N Monahan 19pts D Edwards 17pts, Ohers L G Goodwin 15 pts, M Eltringham 15pts, K Wilson 15pts, G Williams 15pts, A Ward 15pts, K Dean 13pts, L Sullivan 12pts.J Harrison 9pts.

Open 12-hole Stableford: Sunday, February 11: Winner P Trimble 27pts, R/U N Dunstan 25, Balls, G Williams 23 pts, D Ward 22pts. Others C Tafft 21pts, G Goodwin 21pts, G Ganning 20pts, G Curtis 20pts, K Wilson 19pts, D Whelan 19pts, G Pearce 18 pts. Coming Events. Wed 14/02/18 Open Stableford men Ladies Irish 3 ball.

Friday, February 16: Chook run 9 holes stableford, Sunday, February 18: 18-hole 2-person Ambrose. Working Bee – 9.30am Saturday morning general clean-up.

March 18: Rutherglen Legacy 18-hole 3-person Ambrose.

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