12 riders battle in sprint finish to line

By Seymour Telegraph

Riders assembled on Saturday at Burgess Signs in Seymour for a race start/finish on Highlands Rd heading to Bluetop and then returning, making it 43km with more than 500m of elevation gain.

Handicapping comprised of 15 riders with six groups and 22min separating the field, and with the temperature hovering around 8°C riders were forced to rug up.

Starting from the pointy end was Tim Brew (22min), followed by the 14min group which suffered an early loss of two riders leaving Bartlett and Inness to power on.

The 11min group of Thomson, Baker and Bender stuck together, looking after each other on the big hill of Bluetop.

As riders passed each other at the half-way mark, it was the 6min group which realised that if they dug in deep and combined with the 11min group they could try to stay away from the already combined scratch and 2min groups.

This was not to be as Saunders, Stuart, Harvey and Brown had only one thing on their minds — winning.

All 10 riders now joined forces leaving only two riders to be caught — Inness and Bartlett.

In the final kilometres they were swept up leaving 12 riders to tackle an exciting sprint finish.

Grant Harvey (2min) was first to make an early move in the lead-out train, leaving his fellow co-marker Scott Brown to finish and seal the deal with first place ahead of a brilliant show of power between Michael Thomson and Shayne Kirby. Kirbs was second narrowly ahead of Thomo for third.


First: Scott Brown (2min).

Second: Shayne Kirby (6min).

Third: Michael Thomson (11min).

Fourth: Adam Inness (6min).

Fifth: Gavin Stuart (fastest 1h10m29s ave 36.6km/h).

Sixth: Christy Rilen (6min).

Seventh: Grant Harvey (2min).

Eighth: Michael Saunders (scr).

Ninth: Brett Bender (11min).

Tenth: Ian Baker (11min).

Racing this Saturday starts from the Glenaroua Fire Station at 1.30pm.