First Wall to Wall artists introduced

February 14, 2018

‘Whiskey’ by Benalla artist Zenisis

The Wall to Wall festival is getting closer and organisers are beginning to confirm the line up of artists.

This week we will profile two local artists who will be decorating walls in Benalla as part of the festival.

Tim Bowtell

Tim Bowtell is a graphic designer turned artist.

After spending years in the design industry he left his safety net of Geelong and moved to Samaria just outside Benalla where he began to focus on his art.

A keen drawer since childhood he began painting in 2005 and has decide he cannot stop.

He paints in a realist style and likes to incorporate a strong narrative whereever possible.

Tim’s art has won numerous awards and his first solo exhibition at Benalla Art Gallery was a huge success.

He painted his first aerosol mural of Gandhi as part of the 2016 Wall to Wall Street Art Festival.

Since then he’s painted murals for Winton Wetlands, Vicroads, Strathbogie Community and painted Sticks n stones for the 2017 Wall to Wall Street Art Festival.

His studio is at North East Artisans Benalla where he was a founding member and is helping to create a thriving arts community in Benalla.


Growing up in Benalla, Zenisis was into drawing and painting, it wasn’t until she moved into Melbourne’s northern suburbs that she fell in love with the graffiti and street art that surrounded her.

The precision, imagination and artistic freedom inspired Zenisis to start dabbling with spray paint.

In 2015, Zenisis started experimenting with stencils, naively asking herself ‘‘how hard could it be?’’ not realising that in order to create these pieces, she would have to think five moves ahead before spraying — this was the type of artistic challenge Zenisis loved.

Zenisis’ first piece was a portrait of her partner, which used a simple black and white scheme to recreate a photograph.

From this, Zenisis was born.

The style that Zenisis once classed as ‘‘cheating’’ had lit a fire within and pushed her towards sheer intention and determination of mastering the artform.

She draws inspiration from artists like Banksy, 23rd Key and E.L.K who have dominated in the street art scene.

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