International Yoga Day marked

By Georgia Smith

In celebration of International Yoga Day on Thursday, June 21, students at Benalla’s Flexible Learning Centre attempted their best downward dog.

Yoga teacher Mark Blyss took the yoga class and said the students really enjoyed the practice.

‘‘Benalla’s really taking to yoga and there’s lots of people doing it now,’’ Mr Blyss said.

‘‘There’s more and more yoga teachers popping up in Benalla, so the more teachers there are the more classes are being taught and the more people are getting exposed to a way of life that looks after your wellbeing.’’

Mr Blyss was also accompanied by a Tibetan Singing Bowl in his class with the students on Thursday, which was his forth class in Benalla for International Yoga Day.

The yoga teacher said there were many health benefits of adding yoga into your daily life.

‘‘It’s good for body health in all facets, it’s not just your muscular, but also your internal organs and joints,’’ Mr Blyss said.

‘‘In terms of mental health it’s also calming and good for stress.

‘‘There’s yoga to suit everyone, so it’s not just about people that are fit and healthy.

‘‘That’s one thing I hear that people don’t do yoga because they can’t touch their toes, well that just doesn’t count.

‘‘It’s an appreciation of one’s existence.’’

Mr Blyss said numbers in yoga classes were booming in Benalla.

‘‘All of my classes have a lot of people coming to them, so Benalla’s getting great exposure,’’ Mr Blyss said.

‘‘I also teach people who can’t get to a class or don’t have regular movement, as well as all spectrums of autism.’’

Yoga classes are run by Mr Blyss at the YMCA, Primal Health Club and Studio 65.