Goorambat goes down fighting

By Benalla Ensign


The Bats girls went out fighting strong against Greta.

Everyone played their part in the team to work towards getting over the line.

Greta proved to be a competitive side, with the Bats having to work hard for opportunities.

The first quarter the Bats were equal with Greta, but Greta was able to steam ahead to be seven goals up.

The Bats came back fighting in the third and fourth quarters, only going down by eight goals in the end.

Final Score Goorambat 41 to Greta 49.


Goorambat anticipated a tough game against the well-prepared Greta side.

The girls were overpowered early by Greta’s height, skill and accuracy.

Greta was able to settle sooner than the Bats, taking the early lead and out-scoring the Bats every quarter thereafter.

Kelsey Moss didn’t allow the tall attacking side to deter her defensive ability, making Greta earn every goal. She read the ball beautifully, rewarding herself with plenty of turnovers.

Fiona Doig played her usual consistent and ever so reliable game, timing her leads perfectly and constructing safe options bringing the ball down court.

Joey Gall was an asset for the Bats, working relentlessly off every centre pass creating many passages of play while establishing space and movement on the edge of the ring.

Joey’s leadership, positive vibe and endless energy helped name her best-on-court for the Bats.

Although Greta’s dominance was something that the Bats couldn’t adhere to, they never allowed it to crush their confidence.

They challenged every ball right until the last whistle.

Greta proved to be just too strong, running away with a 26 goal victory.

Greta 48 to Goorambat 22.

Kelsey Moss — Zen Hair Award, Fiona Doig — John Holschier Bowen Therapy Award, Joey Gall — Benalla Bowls Club Award


The B-reserve girls knew it would be a tough game this week against a well-composed Greta side.

The Bats came out firing in the first quarter with some great passages of play at both ends of the court, only down by one point at the quarter break.

Unfortunately, Greta was just too strong for the Bats and was able to capitalise on any small errors made.

It is a credit to the Goorambat girls that they kept fighting hard for the ball and kept up their determination until the end of the game.

It was a top effort by all players involved, however, Greta came home with the four points.

Final score 40 to 26.

Best players: 3rd Best on Amcal Chemist award-Kate Nolan, 2nd Best on Blooms on Bridge award- Georgia Thomson, Best on St James Hotel award- Kirsten Hooper


The first quarter started off with a fast-paced game leaving the Bats down 13-6 at the end of the quarter.

The Bats quickly adjusted to the game with their defenders working hard and keeping the Greta shooters down to scoring eight to our six goals in the second quarter.

In the third quarter the Bats showed great movement down the court as they created space and fed well into the shooters, leaving the score at three quarter time 33-22.

Despite being down the girls finished the game off strongly as they backed each other up on the court and kept applying pressure.

Scores 48-25

Goals: Chloe Cook 9, Jemma Smith 16

Best Players: Lara Corker (Tech wool cash award) Makaila Gilbee (Subway) Jemma Smith (Rambling Rose)


The Bats worked hard during the week to prepare for a tough Greta.

The girls went out with a slow start in the first half of the game making little mistakes that Greta was able to pick up quick.

The Greta shooters’ accuracy made the defenders work hard.

The second half Goorambat came back fighting with the whole team working hard together to get the ball into the attacking end.

Claudia Welsh showed great consistency applying lots of pressure on the shooters.

Haylea Smith again showing us what she’s made of by shooting well and supporting her team.

Arnica Stanley applied lots of pressure through the mid court making it hard for Greta to get the ball in to their attacking end.

The Bats were able to win the second half coming a draw with Greta.

Final score: 24-24.

Best Players: Goorambat Railway Hotel – Haylea Smith, Subway Award – Clauda Welsh, Aqua Door Retreat — Arnica Stanley