Sam’s managing nicely - Ky man helps to keep US city ticking over

February 14, 2018

Sandra Lovison, Sam Lovison and Judy Binion.

SAM Lovison’s work is rubbish — quite literally.

Well, among other things.

The Ky local flew back home for a couple of days and was the guest speaker at the Australia Day celebrations.

And he wowed the crowd with stories of what he has been getting up to while living almost 17,000kms away.

Sam works in Boston as the deputy director of performance management, and as he puts it, it’s rubbish — and potholes.

“It can sound complicated but at its core it’s straightforward, if there’s a service the city is meant to provide it’s my job to ensure they’re being provided as efficiently and effectively as possible,” he said.

The Ky Secondary College student has travelled far and wide since graduating, working in the mountains of Ecuador and Peru, hiking volcanos, graduating with a Master’s degree as well as working in the mayoral offices of Nashville, Tennessee and Boston, Massachusetts.

But he said he was Kyabram through and through.

“I look forward to the visits back home, and riding the train to work each day in Boston, past Harvard University and the frozen Charles River, shivering in a hat, scarf, and gloves, I think ‘geez, this is a far cry from riding the pushie from Edis St to the rec and back for footy training’,” he said.

“I’ve met a lovely American girl who is now my wife and worked as a miller at CopRice in Tongala making livestock feed.

“I’ve also discovered it’s not often you’ll hear CopRice Tongala and Ecuador mentioned in the same breath.”

The work Sam does in the city’s performance management department is all numbers.

“But for me, my small town upbringing — in a community where even after six years living away from home I’m hard pressed to walk down the main street or go to the supermarket without running into someone who will stop me for a chat and ask me how everything is going — has helped me put faces to the data,” he said.

“It’s work which affects people’s everyday lives, whether they realise it or not.”

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