Top game by young Saints

By Benalla Ensign

The Benalla girls played top side Shepparton United who were bigger and much older than the Benalla girls.

The Benalla girls started off slow, feeling as if they were going to be soundly beaten by the Shepparton girls.

The Shepparton team kicked five goals before Benalla started, with an incredible goal from Madison Gray starting the girls off.

Benalla then played well, outscoring the Shepparton girls and keeping them goal-less for the next two quarters.

Scores at three-quarter time were Shepparton United five goals six points to Benalla three goals four points, with the girls feeling that they had a chance.

The Shepparton girls came out very strong and with the Benalla girls tiring they kicked a further three goals to win comfortably.

Final scores were Shepparton United scoring eight goals 10 points to Benalla Saints three goals four points.

A great effort against a strong and skilful team.

Goal kickers were Madison Gray two goals and Keeley Skepper one goal.

The Benalla girls indicated with another year of playing and learning they will be a force to consider as they played and competed with great skill and desire.

Next week on July 1 Benalla will be playing at Mansfield’s main ground. Starting time is 12.30pm. Be there at 11.45am and bring your mouth guards.