New divi vans set to hit our streets

February 14, 2018

POLICE across Campaspe will soon be getting around in new divisional vans.

POLICE across Campaspe will soon be getting around in new divisional vans.

Victoria Police are rolling out the first batch of the new purpose-built divisional vans, which are expected to hit our streets in coming months.

Campaspe police Inspector Geoff Owen said all divisional vans in the shire would eventually switch to the new style when existing vehicles reached their changeover mileage.

The new divisional vans are based on the Holden Colorado and will provide frontline members with improved ground clearance and a better vantage point when they’re patrolling the streets.

‘‘These vehicles are fitted out for our specific policing needs with storage of equipment and prisoner security and safety a priority,’’ Insp Owen said.

‘‘The extra ground clearance will provide greater access to off bitumen terrain where the current divisional vans are limited in traversing.

‘‘The divisional van is the work horse vehicle of Victoria Police and is the one image that is front and centre when the public call for police assistance.’’

Other features of the fleet include more storage in the cabin, an extra camera in the custody compartment providing 360-degree monitoring and recording of people in custody, air-conditioning built into the custody compartment, new generation LED light bars to reduce power consumption and an improved digital siren system, which is louder and can be operated via the vehicle’s horn.

The new vans will use the custody compartments – also known as rear pods – of the existing fleet, which will gradually be refurbished and converted by a manufacturer in Kilsyth to fit the new cabins.

The vehicles have a maximum five-star Australasian New Car Assessment Program rating, with safety features including airbags, stability control and ABS brakes.

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