Active learning program impresses

February 14, 2018

Helping hand: Cobram and District Specialist School principal Leah Willis is presented with a cheque from Barooga Sporties promotions manager Mick O'Dwyer for the school's Bluearth program.

Sporties Barooga has thrown its support behind Cobram and District Specialist School’s quest to provide its students with greater opportunities.

The club has donated $2500 to the school to help pay for the costs of the Bluearth program.

Bluearth is a national health promotion charity set up in 2000 to improve the health of Australians by encouraging kids to disengage from sedentary lifestyles.

The foundation seeks to help Aussie kids develop their physical literacy and provide them with the skills and motivation to lead active lives.

Sporties Barooga promotions manager Mick O’Dwyer said the organisation was ‘‘a big believer in the program’’ and had chosen to help fund several other schools in the region to implement it.

He said the great thing about the program was that schools could use it to suit their means, with wellness of mind and leadership training available to students as well as physical development.

School principal Leah Willis thanked Barooga Sporties for its donation.

She said the program offered a great way to provide the students with a different learning environment.

Mrs Willis said this was the second year the school had adopted the program and it had been so beneficial teachers were being trained to deliver the program without having to use external resources.

She said teachers had praised the program because every session was different, leading to the students being more engaged, stimulated and challenged by what they were doing.

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