It’s all go, and every job is different

February 14, 2018

CRIME never rests — and neither do our local cops.

After a quick cup of coffee it’s straight to the police car to patrol the streets. And it’s not long before the first job comes in over the radio.

Senior Constable Shane Roberts and Leading Senior Constable Brenda Wallis are called to a family dispute at a Lynton Crescent residence. Someone had reported loud screaming. There’s possibly a baby present.

On the way to the job, Leading Snr Constable Wallis finds out as much information as she can. Just as she suspected, it’s a woman she knows who has suffered from post-natal depression in the past.

They drop by for a quick chat with the woman and her husband, leaving once they established no one was at risk.

Driving down Allan St, they come across someone a little too into the festive spirit. The front bumper of a resident’s Ford Focus was piled with tinsel and a Santa head, obscuring her licence plate. Snr Constable Roberts kindly warned her to remove the Christmas paraphernalia.

Next it is on to another residence to invite a local male listed to go before the court down to the police station. Shepparton Magistrates’ Court had put out a civil warrant for the man, who owed about $2000 in outstanding rates.

With overgrown lawns and an overflowing mailbox, police examined the outside of the house for anything suspicious. Eventually questioning neighbours, Leading Snr Constable Wallis and Snr Constable Roberts discovered the man still lived there, but came and went. They’ll come back later.

After stopping by another residence to chat to a local with an unpaid $22,000 vehicle lease (he wasn’t home), Leading Snr Constable Wallis went on the search for another missing man. The man’s son had called the night before, saying he couldn’t contact his father.

After checking the elderly man’s former address as well as hospitals and nursing homes, Leading Snr Constable Wallis had a final idea — the real estate agents. Sure enough, a local agency told her where the man had moved to.

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