Stihl back in business again

February 15, 2018

Local Stihl representative Rob Grinter, ‘Manny’ the Stihl mannequin, and owner/manager Donna Fulton.

After getting a facelift during summer the Stihl Shop on Wallis St, Seymour is back in business.

Owner and manager Donna Fulton said it was hard work but is glad the process is now over — and happier still her branch has received a bit of an official upgrade.

‘‘We’re now classed as an elite Stihl dealer, because we’ve done all these renovations, which is pretty special,’’ she said.

‘‘It means we’re in the top few in the state in terms of facilities and the range of stock that we carry — we’ve got a lot more than your ordinary Stihl shop. We’ve always been good at what we do, but at least we’re getting recognition for it now.’’

The main focus of the renovations, Ms Fulton said, was putting down some new floors and installing new shelving, allowing her and partner Mick to fit more products in the store.

‘‘We did a bit over Christmas and then finished it off over the long weekend — it’s been ongoing in little bits, but we’re nearly there,’’ she said.

‘‘We had all this shelving before, so we had to take it all out and put the new stuff in. That was a bit of a nightmare ... but it’s all done, it’s ready and it’s pretty — we’re back in business.’’

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