Go-getter for Puppa

February 15, 2018

Janelle Puppa Real Estate has welcomed aboard a new staff member - Leonie Cashmere.

Seymour-based Janelle Puppa Real Estate has welcomed a new staff member.

While Leonie Cashmere used to call the Gold Coast home, she has lived in Seymour for about four years now. Back in the sunshine state Ms Cashmere gained a lot of experience working in both sales and real estate, and she now describes herself as a ‘‘go getter’’ who places a high value on customer service.

‘‘I really do believe in good customer service, especially in real estate — everyone is important,’’ she said.

‘‘Everyone should walk out with a good taste in their mouth, because both the landlords and tenants are important. You just have to understand people and their needs ... and look after both parties, by being fair.’’

Ms Cashmere, who also runs a fragrance business, will be primarily doing property management for Ms Puppa.

This, she said, entails building the company’s rental role and managing both landlords and tenants, as well as being the ‘‘meet and greet’’ person at the front of the office — a part Ms Cashmere particularly enjoys.

‘‘I love getting to know people ... everyone is different and it’s such a buzz to meet them,’’ she said.

‘‘My goal, as is Janelle’s, is for us to be the best real estate agent in the town and word of mouth is ultimately your best form of advertisement.’’

‘‘Wherever I’ve worked I’ve always aimed to be the best that company has ever had ... and I pride myself on that. I want to be the best Janelle has had. I’m a bit of a go-getter — I’ve got plenty of fire in my belly at this age to achieve ... I’m not ready to be put out to pasture yet.’’

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