April 28, 1972: New ducts cut like bread

By Shepparton News

The only tool you need is a breadknife when using the latest form of ducting for whole-house airconditioning.

The ducting is made of cardboard, lined inside with aluminium foil and sprayed outside with one-inch thick polyurethane foam.

At present, it is the lightest and cheapest ducting on the market.

Keith Green, joint proprietor of Waratah Heating (K and J Green) in New Dookie Rd, said this type of ducting was easier to install in new and old homes.

And it is much cheaper.

Mr Green said the polyurethane foam duct was marketed under the trade name ‘Ductex’.

He said it was exceptionally solid, vermin-proof and could not deteriorate under normal use.

The ducting is suitable for use with all heating units available for both home and industrial heating.

Experts from Waratah Heating are adept at handling the new material and Mr Green said it was possible for home handymen to install Ductex without difficulty.

‘‘All they need is a bread knife, and some glue which comes with the product. Ductex is sold in six foot lengths and you don’t need a sheet metal worker’s ticket to install it,’’ he said.

There is a full range of fittings to suit every ducting layout.

Joints are metal and these are simply pushed into the ducting and glued.

Mr Green said Ductex was suitable for gas and oil heating units. In new homes, the ducting is ideal for laying in concrete floors.

It is the easiest product to install in this way, and this again is a money saver.

The cost of central heating in a new home using this ducting, with a fully automatic central heating unit installed, ranges from about $600.

The same system installed in an existing home would cost from about $700, Mr Green said.