Letters to the Editor

By Shepparton News

Council ‘buddy system’ needed

What the Council needs is a primary school-type ‘buddy system’ for first-term councillors.

Experienced councillors need to take first-termers under their wing so we do not get ideas like this mall brain fade.

We have seen most of these ideas tried in the mall over the years with no change to pedestrian traffic.

Now we find the privately-owned multi-storey car park might not get refurbished due to council giving free parking just for business at Maude/Edward car park.

As a central business district ratepayer, I choose option five for the mall — do nothing.

The quality of shops in the mall will be the draw card.

Roger Perry, Shepparton

Professional approach needed

Why would anyone be disappointed with the council closing The Cottage, a program not meeting the needs of its clients, not meeting council regulations and is disrupting the local community?

Personally, l would much prefer a more professional approach to the needs of people who are in desperate need.

I would prefer qualified staff to be present for the residents 100 per cent of the time and not the current 43 per cent.

I would prefer all staff to be police checked and suitably qualified in this particular area.

I would prefer better security and support and I would prefer the program to be one which has proven results and includes education and value adding skills.

No-one disputes the need for such a facility, l just want a professional, well run one in an area that best suits everyone.

Brenda Semmens, Shepparton