Kids brush up on culture

March 14, 2018

Cultured learning: Harry Wood, Cruze Hunter and Harrison Barnes (L-R) show some of the indigenous weapons they were introduced to at Barmah Lakes.

Strathmerton Primary School students have been busy brushing up on their Australian history, paying a visit to Barmah Lakes to take part in an indigenous culture and traditions day.

They were welcomed by Koori engagement support officer Travis Morgan, who introduced the students to Auntie Hilda, Auntie Greta and Jamie.

These presenters provided a variety of activities during the day that gave greater insight into Koori tools and weapons, food supplies, games and historical sites.

This excursion formed part of the whole-school Koori culture theme that the enthusiastic young pupils are studying in term one.

It was a great chance for the kids to learn outside of the classroom and gain a greater awareness of a unique culture.

The students showed a keen interest in the activities while learning about Koori traditions and customs.

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