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March 14, 2018

Cruel and unsustainable industry must go

Recent discussions about the Victorian kangaroo pet meat industry/ trial and its potential expansion across Victoria by the Andrew’s government is dominated by false propaganda about kangaroos, with the most irrefutable and undeniable information regarding the cruel fate of orphaned joeys deliberately ignored by those set to benefit from this cruel and unsustainable industry in our national icon.

What they’re not telling you is that research by the Rural Industries Research Development Corporation (Sharp and McLeod, 2014) has revealed that professional shooters for the kangaroo meat and skins industry are routinely killing pouch young using practices that breach their own code of practice, leading to prolonged pain and suffering for the orphaned joeys.

Researchers in this study observed shooters swinging pouch joeys by their hind legs while bashing them with iron bars, bashing them against utility racks and rocks, stomping on their heads, and decapitating them without stunning, with shooters rarely checking if the joey was dead before throwing them in the dirt and walking away with their dead mother.

This government study exposed that 99 per cent of dependent at-foot orphans are abandoned by professional shooters after they shoot their mother, leaving thousands of baby kangaroos to die every year from starvation, stress, exposure and predation.

The Victorian Government is aware of this cruelty, but is staying silent on these horrific practices because they know the public would not approve of this industry in Victoria if they knew.

It’s up to the public now to stand up and speak out for the silent victims of the kangaroo meat and skins industry.

Be their voice, say no to the kangaroo meat and skins industry in Victoria.

— Nikki Sutterby, Australian

Society for Kangaroos

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