Moonlit romance

March 15, 2018

Reg and Lorna with their ever-growing family

Reg and Lorna Brown on their wedding day 65 years ago.

A moonlight hike brought Yarrawonga’s Reg and Lorna Brown together more than half a century ago now the couple has recently celebrated 65 years of wedded bliss on Wednesday, March 7.

Reg Brown and Lorna Page were both born at St Georges Hospital in Kew and funnily enough shared the same doctor, nurse, and same hospital at birth.
Once reaching adulthood Lorna became a dressmaker with Sportscraft in Melbourne and Reg was an apprentice carpenter, later to become a Master Builder and establish R&L.M. Brown Pty Ltd.
On one starry night in 1948 they both attended a local church youth group where Lorna caught Reg’s eye.
From there began the couple’s three-year courtship before they wedded on Saturday, March 7 1953 at the Balwyn Church of Christ in Balwyn.
They were attended by three bridesmaids – Reg’s sister, Margaret Hunter-Smith (nee Brown), and two of Lorna’s three sisters; Helen Soulsby (nee Page) and Anne Nicholls (nee Page).
The couple went on to have three children, Murray, Warrick, and Rachael before moving to Yarrawonga and being blessed with six grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
Over that period both Reg and Lorna were avid golfers and have been members of the Yarrawonga and Border Golf Club for over 30 years.
To this day Reg still plays golf once a week while Lorna plays bowls in Yarrawonga.
When asked what the secret to a good marriage was Lorna said being involved with your partner but also being your own person is fundamental.
“Having a vested interest in what your partner does is key but also plan for the occasional holiday – apart,” Lorna said
“Choose the right partner and have a sense of commitment and a good sense of humour,” Reg added.
The couple’s daughter Rachael said she and the family were proud of the hard work and resilience her parents have endured over their 65-year marriage and it was great to see them so happy to this day.
“Through their hard work they created a comfortable life, and provided a privileged education for myself and my two brothers,” Rachael said.
“I think that their 65 years of marriage reflects their integrity and commitment to each other, plus their resilience and mutual support through hardship.
“Thank you to Mum and Dad, for your ongoing example of hard-work, love, loyalty and commitment.”

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