Night full of laughter

March 15, 2018

Jonathon Brown and Sam Pang entertain the crowd of 284.

TONGALA locals were treated to a night out with Sam Pang and Jonathan Brown when the pair entertained an incredible crowd of 284 at the Tongala Sportsman’s Night on March 3.

The event was hosted by the Tongala Football and Netball Club and Brown and Pang had the audience in stitches as they reminisced about Brown’s career, but seemingly more importantly — the time Pang kicked nine goals playing for Tongala.

The connection between Pang and Tongala goes back a long way, the now media personality played football for the town in 1996, ’97 and ’98.

The idea had been a few years in the making, and finally this year Pang was able to get to Tongala and bring the Brisbane Lions champion with him.

Brown had the crowd fully engaged with his country laid-back attitude, footballing stories and his jokes directed at Pang.

Somehow, as the MC of the night, Pang continually drew the conversation back to his nine-goal haul, and everyone in the crowd wanted to hear the full story.

So one of Pang’s old teammates grabbed the microphone and told it for him.

“It’s true, Sam did kick nine goals that day, I only saw the first five though, then I had to go and get changed for the seniors.”

That comment sure entertained the crowd.

Brown and Pang were more than happy to engage with all the locals before, during and after the event and were perfect presenters.

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