Cats get the cream

By Lachlan Durling

IN A round one rematch the Ky Bombers still couldn’t rattle the Cats’ cage — the previous margin extended by seven goals.

This time the girls lost by 12 goals, 40-28.

“We were excited for the rematch and challenged ourselves to close that gap from the previous game. We had a good start but dropped off throughout the game,” co-coach Holly Butler said.

Mooroopna’s defence proved too strong, wearing the Bombers down and causing some rash decisions on court.

“We got within seven goals of them, at one point we gained momentum and had a lot of the ball but at times we were hesitant,” Butler said.

“There were silly mistakes throughout the game and they cost us.”

Emma Roberts and Heidi Morris were improved and Butler said it was great to have the two working in unison. Lauren Pryde, Rach McCormack-Vick and Holly Butler were the best on the day, helping the Bombers in defence and through the midcourt. But it wasn’t enough to hold off the Cats.

“We are disappointed with last weekend,” Butler said.

“We continued and worked hard but we couldn’t put four quarters of good netball together. That’ll be our focus coming to Euroa after the bye.”

This week the girls had the opportunity to rest and re-group, skipping last night’s training before they’re put through their paces by Russell Jarrett tomorrow.