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Unobservable made visible in Ikeda exhibit

By AAP Newswire

Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda's immersive installation "micro | macro," which intersects art and quantum physics, has opened for a preview in Sydney.

Ikeda, 51, is an electronic music composer and visual artist based in Paris, France, and Kyoto, Japan.

The sound and light installations in the exhibition that opened on Tuesday were developed during his residency at Switzerland's European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN).

It focuses on the materials that make up the universe, according to a statement by Sydney's Carriageworks gallery, where the exhibition will be shown until July 29.

Ikeda uses the Planck Scale to contrast human scale to the microscopic and unobservable to make them visible to all.

"My work is created by reducing sound, light and the world into sine waves, pixels and data ... so that the world can be viewed once more at a different resolution," Ikeda said in a statement.

One installation titled "the planck universe (macro)," features a wall projection over 10 meters tall, that "seeks to depict nature, scanned from human scale to the cosmological scale beyond our observable universe," according to Carriageworks.