Good (Friday) job is done by Rushworth

April 12, 2018

RUSHWORTH is a small town of people with big hearts and deep pockets.

RUSHWORTH is a small town of people with big hearts and deep pockets.

The Rushworth Hotel hosted the local Good Friday Appeal auction and collection once again, with outstanding results.

“We raised $10,531.75, just an incredible effort and $1300 up on last year,” hotel owner Maz McCallum said.

“We had outstanding attendance and people are beginning to know it as the biggest night in Rushworth.

“When people are just walking in and giving you money — or I’m just walking down the street and people are stopping me and donating — it makes you really emotional.”

An ANZAC picture was the highest priced item sold, at a whopping $2100.

“The people who come just get so excited, knowing the money they are giving is going to a good cause.

“Our auctioneer did a fantastic job, creating banter and setting a really fun scene for the night.”

Mrs McCallum said talks had already begun about how they can top the effort next year, but she is pushing it back as much as possible.

“It’s a very busy time so I’m trying to have a bit of a break for a while I think.”

It was a big Easter weekend in Rushworth, with the Good Friday Appeal leading into the Easter Heritage Festival.

“It was a tremendous effort by such a small committee to get an event like that up and going,” said Mrs McCallum, who is also part of the Rushworth Heritage Festival Committee.

“We were blessed with the weather and we think we had more than 2000 people.

“We were just telling people ‘you’ll have to go up the hill and find a spot’, we were that packed out.”

The festival had entertainment for all age groups and as Mrs McCallum said, was a huge boost for the town.

“Local businesses benefited hugely from the weekend, there were just people everywhere.

“For a small town to put together something like that is really incredible.”

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