Pick which side of bridge you’re on

April 13, 2018

The Old Goulburn River Bridge near Seymour on Sunday.

Those Seymourites, who are both ‘Friends of the Bridge’ and levee bank proponents, need to decide which box to pick.

The old bridge would not withstand the higher water level and greatly increased pressure of a concentrated, channelled flow caused by construction of the planned constrictive levee bank, in the event of a 1974 magnitude flood.

The bridge would need to be completely rebuilt from the base with removable or folding rails, to have any chance of withstanding such a powerful force.

Suitable mature, durable pier logs are not available locally as they were 130 years ago. Mountain ash logs would rot at the water line within five decades.

— John Maher,


‘Yes men’ dis CFA

Labor Member for Northern Victoria Jaclyn Symes, an ex-advisor to Daniel Andrews, said the legislation defeated was disappointing for the state’s firefighters and the legislation would unshackle firefighters from pay issues. She also said ‘‘the legislation had broadly been well accepted in the community’’.

Jaclyn Symes is representing non-metropolitan (rural) ‘Northern Victoria’ and I dare say most people didn’t support the attack on the CFA by the Andrews Government.

Andrews sacked members of the CFA board and replaced them with ‘yes men’. Minister of Emergency Services Jane Garrett had resigned. Demands from the United Firefighters Union, supported by Andrews, included up to 197 days per year in available leave. No, the legislation was not broadly accepted, particularly in rural Victoria.

Secondly, about the pairing issue in parliament, Symes said the trust between the (political) parties would be compromised and added the move made it difficult to take (the opposition) at their word again. No mention was made of Labor’s attempt to force the legislation vote (into Good Friday) because an independent MLC, who was going to vote against it, was ill. We must also ‘‘forget’’ the rorts for votes spending and the $1million of taxpayer money spent by the Andrews Government to stop the ombudsman’s report.

— Dr Rob Peterson,


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