Pigeons take the chocolates in horrible conditions

April 18, 2018

Jordan Urquhart getting a handball away.

The Yarrawonga Mulwala RSL holding their ANZAC Day commemoration.

Saturday’s game against the Wodonga Bulldogs saw the Pigeons record a 32-point win.

In conditions which were completely the opposite to what we have been experiencing lately, the Pigeons should be very pleased with the victory.
Strong winds and squally showers made conditions very tough for fluent precise football.
Ball ups, packs a plenty and tackles were the order of the day with players struggling to control the slippery ball.
The Pigeons were locked in all day, jumping out of the blocks to an early 28-point lead which they held all day.
Whilst Wodonga battled hard all day they lacked serious scoring power.
This was reflected by the fact that the home side kept the visitors scoreless in both the first and last quarters.
All credit here goes to the Pigeons defenders, lead by Beau Seymour and Jayden Gallagher in the key positions but well assisted by smalls, Travis Hargreaves, Brady Pritchard and Bronson Schofield.
Outstanding as a junior, Travis Hargreaves has now produced three very good games to start the season with this being his best to date.
Let’s hope that his form continues to evolve along with the many other young Pigeons playing at present.
The two boys returning from Bushranger duties in Ely Smith and Bailey Frauenfelder fitted in beautifully.
Smith with his strength and good hands, Frauenfelder with his ability to kick goals from anywhere were great additions.
Along with these two youngsters, the YFNC also played another two boys from last year’s thirds side.
Ronan Pritchard and Macauley Lonergan both made their senior debut’s.
The Lonergan name is strong throughout the Pigeons history and Ronan joins his older brother Brady as a senior player at Pigeonland.
Both boys were good performers on the day and we look forward to their games going from strength to strength from this point on.
It should be noted that the inclusion of these boys meant that the senior Pigeons stepped onto the park with no less than 13 players 21 years old or younger.
The Pigeons had plenty of good players on the day.
Old reliable’s in Tyler Bonat, Xave Leslie along with newer faces in Harry Wheeler, Ryan Bruce, Lach Howe and Jess Koopman all provided great support to the younger players mentioned earlier.
After three games into the season, the Pigeons have already utilised 27 players at senior level with Senior Scores
Yarrawonga     4.4    5.10    5.15    6.20     (56)
Wodonga    0.0    2.3    3.6    3.6    (24)
Goal Kickers: J. Koopman 2, B. Frauenfelder 2, X. Leslie, E. Smith.
Best Players: L. Howe, T. Hargreaves, J. Koopman, R. Bruce, H. Wheeler, T. Bonat
Yarrawonga Hotel Award: Travis Hargreaves. Chronicle Award: 5.Travis Hargreaves. 4.Harry Wheeler. 3.Brady Pritchard. 2.Ryan Bruce. 1.Tyler Bonat.others getting their opportunity in the not too distant future.

With a lot of changes in personnel due to injury and illness, the seconds were able to call upon Xavier Kennedy, Matthew Bourke and Marcus McMillan who all provided excellent leadership with their knowledge and experience.
The second 18 were challenged to maintain their good work from the previous week and responded with another hard-fought win over the Wodonga Bulldogs.
Zac Smith, Matthew Dwyer and Ross Mulquiney set up the team from the middle of the ground by winning the football and working as a cohesive unit.
Add to that mix, Mitch Collins-Bye who worked tirelessly and through his body around with bruising effect for the opposition players.
Tennyson Vance, Matthew McCabe and Matthew Casey showed poise and composure in the way that they repelled Wodonga’s forward advances.
Chase Cordon and David Jones made sure that their opponents knew that they were in for a contest with their defensive pressure.
At the other end of the ground, Isaac Byrne continually trapped the ball and Luke Congram was great in the way that he drew the football with his strong leading patterns.
Yarrawonga:     13. 7. 95
Wodonga:     0. 1. 1
Goal kickers: L Congram 3, Z Smith 2, I Byrne 2, M Dwyer 2, T Vance 1, C Wilson 1, M Collins-Bye 1, J MaConachie 1.
Best Players: T Vance, R Mulquiney, Z Smith, M Casey, M Dwyer, I Byrne, M Collins-Bye, L Congram.
Yarrawonga Hotel Award: Tennyson Vance.

In trying conditions not conducive to football the young Pigeons were locked in a quality battle with a strong Bulldogs outfit.
A battle that lasted right to the last kick of the day and what a last kick from Alex Byrne. A 30m set shot that never looked in doubt!
Four quarter contributors were hard to find but Jack Sexton’s game as an underage thirds player was one to remember.
As was James Jordan’s.
In particular James’ efforts mid-way through the second righted the ship and was match winning.
In the back-half Hayden Cartwright was strong in defence but his attacking run was outstanding.
The 3rds go into the Bye 2-1 with a huge clash against Wangaratta on the 28th at Wangaratta.
Yarrawonga     7.13.55
Wodonga     8.4.52
Goal Kickers: J. Brooks 3, T. Lawrence 2, B. McCabe, A. Byrne
Best Players: J. Sexton, J. Jordon, H. Cartwright, W. Woodburn, H. Meade, J. Brooks
Yarrawonga Hotel Award: Jack Sexton. Wingates Intersport: Hayden Cartwright. Balance Spin Studio: James Jordon. Yarrawonga Fish and Chips: Tom Whelan.

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