Letter to the Editor

May 17, 2018

Truth and justice are not beyond reach

OVER the years, many letters to the editor have presented many opinions on different matters, including my own.

This letter I write is possibly more unusual than most as the contents are not my opinion but the philosophy of many.

Such philosophy is in the form of quotes and the many facts contained in such would be hard for anybody to dispute.

Listed are just some of those that relate to the happenings of today including social, political and moral issues.

1.The triumph of evil flourishes when good people do nothing.

2.You can’t declare the truth as a prohibited item.

3.The truth cannot be destroyed, only smothered, obscured and distorted by propaganda and brainwashing.

4.Today many of our leaders are divorced from realism.

5.Rarely do they honour the words and promises that they squander so profusely.

6.One necessary ingredient of heroism is the acceptance of responsibility.

7.If we are to preserve civilisation, we must first remain civilised.

8.Nature will never follow people, but people would be better off by following the laws of nature.

9.There is no illness on earth that God has not provided a remedy through nature. All the chemical companies of the world combined are not as efficient as a stray plant you may crush underfoot.

I also include a text from an address given by Prince Charles to the Shakespeare birthday lectures.

Contrary to your opinion of Charles, his words ring true regardless of your nationality.

“For us, all roots are important: roots in our landscape and local community: roots in our cultural and literary heritage: roots in our philosophical and spiritual traditions.

“If we lose touch with them, if we lose track of where we came from, we deprive ourselves of a sense of value, a sense of security and all too frequently a sense of purpose and meaning.”

Finally a comment of my own in regards to the attitudes of many – and that is the common term ‘there’s nothing you can do about it’.

This term is a fallacy and a defeatist attitude by those not prepared to speak out publicly on what they believe is wrong.

That this is best left to the other person.

A thought to be remembered: Action can only be achieved by fostering unity in large numbers.

Bruce Archibald,


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